Help me out on a quote

I swear I read a Texas writer this week (maybe Bohls) say that Texas had the advantage because of pitching and defense.

I really wanna troll the person badly and I can’t find it. Am I just imagining I read that? Did they just delete it?

I forgot how arrogant Texas fans are, even after a whupping. They talk a lot and really haven’t backed it up for awhile.

Fifteen years in Texass gave me a clue as to why they’re so freaking arrogant. State law mandates that all Texass schoolchildren get a heavy dose of Texas history. “Texas history” is essentially a course in “why Texas is better than everyone else in everything”. It’s state sanctioned propaganda. Fortunately, my kid had enough Arkie blood in his veins to understand the crock of crap he was being fed.

It was easy to see we were better in every phase of the game.