Help Marty

Every time I open a HI forum thread on both my iPhone or iPad a message comes up from (supposedly) Google saying I won $1000. It shuts down HI. I cleared my history and that did not help. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

Has happened to me when I used the iPad . Did same as you did but had to shut iPad down and reboot each time but after some issues I have been clear since then. Some kind of malware issue.

Same problem here.

Happened to me on Android

Gave me a virus

When it happened to me on my iPhone I just rebooted the page and all is fine.

Happened to me on Android , keeps happening.

You need to clear your cache: Settings >> Safari >> Clear History and Website data.

Then make sure that you close the Safari app by double clicking on the home button. Open apps will show up. Swipe up on the app to close it.

To further complete the process, power down your device by holding down the power button until you get a notice Slide to power off. Wait a few moments and power up again.

Marty, thank you for being a great help and a super
Razorback fan.

Thanks Marty for your help and patience.

My iPad is working as good as new on HI!

You are appreciated.

I’m glad that worked.

Still having issues. Any other suggestions? iPhone.

My issues have returned. It redirects me repeatedly. I can hit the back tab a few times to get back to the page but it’s constant.

I’ll try the fix again.

Same here on iPad and iPhone.

Only happens on this site!

No problems all day and now it’s so bad I can hardly post this.

Only on HI too.

It has something to do with this site.



I’ve asked IT to look into this and have tried to replicate the problem. We’re not sure why some folks are seeing the ads while others are not. IT will continue to monitor the issue. In the meantime if the pop-ups occur please try clearing your cache and resetting your computer.

It was doing it on mine a few weeks back. Then all of a sudden it quit. I think the site itself may have some spyware on it. Where it shows who is on, there are some BOT’s listed.

Clearing the cache and resetting does not seem to help at all. I appreciate ya’ll getting the IT folks on it.

It is very frustrating.

I’m still getting directed to ads after opening up stories and this page.
Clays article sent me to a survey

Getting tired of this