Help. Expectations of greatness of program

I fall into category of a kid who grew up watching us from about ‘77 until 2000 plus knowing a proud program.

This is not a commentary on any current coach who I know loves the program, or any current kids.

Maybe I grew up in a magical time between two programs and coaches who had chips on shoulders.

In my dreams, we are a proud program of Jim
R running the old Barnhill to modern BWA and many banners once up in rafters of Barnhill we no longer see.

I just want that back. Such pride and program identity of toughness.

We are young team. They need time to develop.

Just a commentary on a want for an old fan who wants greatness back.

This program is not like ones Sutton and Richardson had. We have become a program that lost all of its elite status. Anderson’s teams have been better, but we have not reached the Sweet Sixteen since the mid 90’s. Until we are a regular Sweet Sixteen program, we will be a slightly better than average SEC team.

I really hope that CMA has that breakout year. I think that it is possible that it happens. I just don’t think that we will be a consistent top 10 program again.

People got spoiled by the excellent Sutton and Richardson teams. I know that it is possible to have another top tier team. If we ever do, we damn sure need to appreciate that success. WPS

From all indications NCAA basketball is so dirty and the cheating is so rampant with an NCAA who looks the other way…that I don’t believe a guy like Mike Anderson can really hang with the cheating schools. To get those great players and enough of them is almost impossible if you don’t pay for the players.

I think we might occasionally have a really good team if things break for us, but the cheating has so violently upset the playing field upon which Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson once trod that we just do not have a fair chance.

The NCAA should be ashamed of itself for the overseeing of both basketball and football. Why even have rules?

IMO Jhawg nailed the conundrum Mike faces with recruiting. Sad, sad but apparently true. What surprises me is the $ amounts being outed by the FBI. I’ll take Mike and a clean program every time.

I’ve been follow Hog Basketball since the Duddy Waller days. I’ve listened to many a game with my little RCA transistor radio. The glory years with Eddie and Nolan were wonderful exciting times. I yearn for a deep run in March Madness. As a dude closer to 70 than 60 I may not ever see that happen again. But hope springs eternal and I’ll love them win lose or draw. It’s in my DNA.

Said it before, I’ll say it now. Expectations only serve to upset the person who has them, and accomplish nothing. If we don’t meet your expectations, nobody cares but you. You gonna stop buying tickets or contributing if Mike doesn’t make a Sweet 16? Knock yourself out, but it’s not going to get Mike fired. Ditto with winning a West title in football or making the CFP.

The only person whose expectations matter is Hunter Yurachek. And people stop buying tickets and contributing every day for reasons that have nothing to do with when we last played three games in the NCAAT or won the SEC West in football.

I hope we win every game, and I’m bummed out when we don’t. But I’m not going to stop being a fan if we never win another game. (No I don’t contribute or buy tickets any more, for some of those reasons completely unrelated to our last division football title or Sweet 16 appearance.)

I’ll root for our Hogs every time they enter a game in whatever sport they are playing in and will until I’m physically or mentally unable. But make no mistake I’m not satisfied with our basketball or football programs at this time, I’m not calling for any heads to roll yet but I do expect better results. Both men that are leadings these programs are upstanding individuals to the best of my knowledge, but they are paid to get results and that’s the bottom line. I take no offense to those fans that are satisfied with current results but I’m not wired that way. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with safe travels! WPS

We have had success, we have been to the mountain top.

We have had coaches that made it look easy.

It’s not.

Having said that we should be a ranked team in basketball and football most of the time.

Having said all that we have had extremely educated people in leadership positions kill both programs. Experts if you will. Tragic.

I’m ready for both programs to have a number before their names. I think basketball is headed clearly that way. I hope football is as well, I like the classes he has brought in. We will see on the field. It’s hard. I think both programs have brought in some quality talent. It may be harder than it’s ever been. So much money on the table, so much more corruption, it’s hard doing it the right way in such a corrupt soulless time.

I like the talent brought in by both. I think the young talented bunch brought in in basketball, is a result of getting back to the tourn 3 out of the last four years, and having recognizable talent on the next level, and actually having a program someone has heard of in contrasting the decade prior to this staff.

Football coming off the worst ever of ever, has landed a good class. And not to mention a 4 win season before the worst of the worst. It’s impressive! But it’s still gonna be hard. Probably still a couple years away.

It’s harder than ever before.

Swine, individual expectations do matter because when they are not met over and over an increasing percentage of the fan base does react with less attendance/ticket purchases. This is not done in a vacuum because fans have a common denominator about their discretionary spending based on that passion and when it continually fails there are consequences… ask CBB. Mike may in fact have a twenty year run but if he doesn’t ever win a conference championship or make an occasional run deep into the tournament the pressure will start to build and the individual expectations become organic to the fan base. Eventually an AD will have to take action to keep their own job… ask Long.