Help - Charge from NW AR Democrat Gazette

I just had my credit card charged for $33.33 from them!! Is this from Whole Hog/Hawgs Illustrated and is it a monthly charge? If so, how do I find out what’s going on?? I’ve had an Annual subscription with HI for years. I think my old HI subscription was up sometime this month. Don’t know when because there is no where on this web-site that I can see when the ANNUAL is due. Who do I contact to get this straight. I can’t believe you would just place a MONTHLY charge on my card without any notice whatsoever?? And I was told that our annual fee with HI would be grandfathered in for this site!

I’m going to contest this monthly charge on my credit card!

Email or call 1-800-757-6277 and someone will be able to help.