Hello Skip Holtz in Nov 18


that would b GOOD!

Just asking…


Heck no
If you can’t do it at Texas you can’t do it here
Much too unorganized

Jeff Brohm - surely he would leave Purdue if Coach Bret is let go or moved on his own

Maybe we can get a package deal of Jeff long and Brett Bielema to Nebraska for the buyout

Clean house

Hire Houston Nutt or Nolan Richardson for AD.

Please no. Buyout too big for long to do squat. Expect couple of staff changes. Offensive line and possibly linebacker coach. One on each side of ball at least. If enos leaves give lunney a chance at oc.

Pee Wee Herman has a better shot at AD befor Nutt!

There won’t be a change at Head Coach.

Give that up! We need a defensive Coordinantor. Bad! Hate the bend no break. I thought that would leave when Rob Smith left. Maybe John Chavis will be a free agent at the end of the year.

Pee Wee Herman or Nutt would be a lot better AD than Jeff Long, who did either one of the hire that was worse than Bielema. Unless Long hired Bielema for the cheeseburger eating contest and not coaching football. In that case Long hit a home run.