Hello all!

My name is Jacob and I just started a subscription to the board. I had a trial account previously and really liked the material and felt it was worth $15 a month to jump on board completely.

I’m guessing I am quite a bit younger than most of the frequent board responders, but I look forward to adding in a different perspective and talking Hog ball. While I am young, please don’t think I’m like most people my age (The M word… millennials). I like to think I’m not like a large percent of them, and I will not require a safe space or cry corner if I disagree with any of you.

I am currently in dental school at LSU, in New Orleans. I’m hoping this will help me feel a little closer to home as well, seeing that I’m stuck in tiger country.

I can’t wait for some great info, articles, and debate about the hogs.

P.s. if your dentist (or you) plans on retiring anytime in the next few years please don’t be shy and private message me. :lol:

Welcome to the board. Most opinions welcome. No politics. Glad to have you. This is absolutely the best board if you want baseball and basketball news. Clay provides great football knowledge insight. Dudley knows the basketball arena, both recruiting and current team play. Matt will help you if there are problems plus a very good writer. Matt knows his stuff . Richard updates on overall recruiting. Enjoy.


Thanks, looking forward to it.

I’ve already scanned the rules, and I can assure I’m not interested in the politics that I’m sure pop up from time to time, even if they aren’t supposed to.

Just interested in the hogs.

I’ll mainly comment on recruiting/football/baseball.

Welcome aboard from one of the mods!

Following the rules will go a long way. Understanding that the rules do not preclude vigorous debate goes even farther. If you post opinion A which is deemed by others to be a complete crock, you’ll get called out on it. Which is fine, as long as it doesn’t descend into personal attacks: “You’re a moron because you believe A”. Too many here, unfortunately, skip the disagreement and go straight for the personal attacks.

Oh yeah, if you’re going to pretend that your opinions are facts, you’re REALLY going to get called out. That we lost to Oregon State is a fact. That we lost to Oregon State because Dave Van Horn refused to change his offensive approach is an opinion.

Welcome to the board. There is nothing wrong with a millennial opinion. I hope you bring a millennial perspective. Don’t be afraid to. This board is for debating Hog issues. If there are not different opinions, there is no debate.

Best board for Razorback news and views.

Glad you are with us.

Hope you are happy and successful in your profession.

Welcome Jacob.

Enjoy. You’ll get plenty of good Hog info here, worth much more than the $180 you spend a year on here.

Welcome aboard Jacob! My son is applying to LSU Dental school this next year(he’s a junior at LA Tech). We are located in West Monroe. WPS!

That could be debated

Jrjdent welcome

That’s great to hear! If he has any questions along the way shoot me a PM, I’d love to help if possible.


Welcome Jacob. I’ve been a member here for years and I can attest to the great content from Clay and crew plus insights from knowledgeable members.

I retired 1 year ago today from a wonderful company and I worked alongside many youngsters your age. They brought a lot of new ideas and conversations to our meetings and planning. I highly respected them.

You’re going to like this forum. Enjoy Dental school. Proud for you.

Will do! What year are you in dental school? We’ve got couple kids from WM that are starting this year that he’s good friends with.

Just starting, D1!

Grant Gallien & Matthew Thornhill from West Monroe. Look them up when you get settled. Two good dudes!

Welcome. A few suggestions-never post drunk.

Some people will disagree with you that don’t have good communication skills. They wouldn’t talk to you like that face to face.

There are those that get mad when the team loses and post accordingly. They eventually get over it.

Going to LSU, you might hear things occasionally that the board would find interesting.

Mostly, enjoy the board.

Congrats on retirement. What are you doing to stay busy?

Thanks Richard. We’ve been coast to coast in the RV in the past year. And with 6 grandchildren we have plenty of company. We were in Little Rock for the spring game and then drove to NW Arkansas to visit family and see the Hogs beat AU in baseball. Headed to New England in September.