Helicopter sighting!!

Is there a spot close by to land a helicopter? GOT to be a helicopter, field, FB field near buy.

That’s what I’d do. Chad said he was going to use a helicopter in some capacity for reciting. Start with KB!!

Now IMO this is a big day for KB and the day he announces. IMO the hardest person he has to say NO to is CCM.

Just maybe Kelly has already cornered Chad and given the tip it’s Auburn or wherever.IMO it’s a big deal to keep that day the same. Now if KB let’s say tomorrow snhanges it to the day before we’re cooked.

If he keeps the same day we have a chance. Another point IF he does not change the day I think Kelly probably has a gentleman’s agreement.

That way you soften the blow. And yet PROVES within a shadow CMM is doing hid job with the peddle to the metal.

Shows other potential recruits KB might actually come to Arkansas, and thee coaches are going out 110% to try and change the W column with an upward trend.