Heisman ballot

Heisman ballots were mailed today and can be submitted between now and next Monday. The way the ballot works is that you get three votes, ranked 1 through 3.

Who would get your three votes this year and why?

You mean the QB of the year award?

  1. Joe Burrow
  2. Jalen Hurts
  3. Derrick Brown

Some treat it that way. I’ve picked my three players (can’t say who until after the announcement) and there are multiple non-QBs. I’ve never had more than two QBs on my ballot; most years it is one QB and I typically try to include at least one defensive player.

I really try to select the three best players, regardless of position. I’m betting that one of the players I vote for doesn’t get many votes, but I’ve watched him closely and been impressed with him all season.

Chase Young
Isaiah Simmons
Joe Burrow

In some order

  1. Joe Burrow, QB-LSU
  2. Chase Evans, DE- Ohio State
  3. Jalen Hurts, QB-Oklahoma

Joe Burrow has been the most consistently explosive QB in the nation this season. Setting SEC and possibly national passer rating for a season and SEC single season yardage and TD records.

Chase Evans has been reeking havoc on opposing offenses while leading the country with 13.5 sacks on what be be the most complete team in the nation this year.

Jalen Hurts has continued the prominence of QB’s for Oklahoma while only being there one season and quickly became the leader of the offense. His ability to bet the opponent with both his arm and his legs may lead Oklahoma back to the CFP if they can beat Baylor in the Big 12 Championship.

I kinda lost interest the year Peyton Manning lost out due to a boycott.

  1. Joe Burrow
  2. Chase Evans
  3. Jalen Hurts

I totally gave up on the Heisman hypocrisy the 2 years D-Mac was involved.

He should have won it his sophomore year when they gave it two Troy Smith of OSU. D-Mac was more valuable and Troy was just the QB on one of the biggest teams. (popularity contest). The excuse was D-Mac was a sophomore and the award only goes to Juniors and Seniors.

The next year they give the award to Tim Tebow over D-Mac. I got no problem with that as Tebow was a generational talent. No question. I did have a problem with the fact that he was a Sophomore. Just the year before D-Mac was told its only for Juniors and Seniors. Totally Bullschiff!! I felt it was all about PR and marketing for the next year because they knew they’d get a whole year of pumping up Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow on his quest to win two. Tebow should not have gotten it he was a sophomore it should have went to a junior or a senior. Fair is fair.

After that, I no longer cared a wit about the Heisman or the hypocrisy of its voters / selectors.


This is when I lost all respect for Spurier. DMac ran for over 200 yds against his SC team and he didn’t even vote DMac in his top 5.

Johnny Football Frosh or Soph when he won it.
Same for Lamar Jackson

Burrows 1
Chase 2
Hurts 3
It’s used to be such a thrill to see it go down but now its anticlimactic. 24 hour sports and social media have made it ho hum

I watch more football than I care to admit and I’ve got no clue who Chase Evans is, yet two people have put him on their heisman ballot. I googled him and had no idea that the Southern Illinois guard would’ve garnered such heisman hype.

When Manning didn’t get the Heisman I was shocked and dismayed. He is the best college QB I’ve ever witnessed in person. And while Woodson is my last name I didn’t think in any way Charles should have won it.

Then the Dmac fiasco…

Those would be my choice also.