Height and weights on prospects

I know it drives some crazy when it comes to getting accurate heights and weights of guys and I get that.

The UA had Patrick Kutas listed at 303 in the bio they put on the football site. He told me the other day he was 300. I can get where a few pounds either way is ok. Everyone sees their weight go up and down.

The UA emailed out a release saying he was 284. This isn’t a shot at the UA, it just shows how the numbers can be different at times. The UA does great job of putting out info to the media.

Must have been weighed without shoes. :laughing:


“they play in a helmet, why wouldn’t you weigh them in a helmet? and take heights in shoes and helmet?!” LOL



Ha, where is that quote from??

I’m very loosely and jokingly, paraphrasing DD’s stand that basketball players play in shoes, so why not measure their heights while wearing shoes.

a decades-long debate, with no compromise ever attained, lol



Then they should also weigh them in shoulder pads, helmets, hip pads, cleats, etc.

While wearing a hundred pound vest.


I guess the same reason boxers get to weigh in without any clothes on… As long as the standard is the same, it’s all equal.

I think some teams (including Arkansas) sometimes measure their BB players in shoes AND helmets. I once had a Volley ball player from a school back East tell me although she was only 5’9" when she graduated, the team listed her at 5’9" the first year and added one inch+ every year so that for her Sr. year they listed her at 6’1"! You just can’t EVER trust what a school puts out in this regard. I’ve never understood what they think is gained. Count me as one who gets frustrated by it.

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