Hedlund finished?

I can’t imagine that CBB would ever trot him out there again. I’m sure the kid knows that. Does he remain on the team or put all of his energies into something else?

I would imagine he’ll transfer after this year.

Yea, I think he is done and you hate that for the kid but at the same time he has to make those FG! The ones he was missing a below average HS program will make them 8 out of 10 times…

He has shown he does not have the mental capacity to perform under pressure. It’s time to let him go. I wish him well whatever else he does.

I agree, but thought it was pretty crass for BB to call him out in his post game so blantantly. He should have taken the blame for sticking him out there after his last year failures.

Yea, I agree with you on that one but I think the emotions got the best of him on that one…

I thought Ragnow really got to the real point, which was it never should have gotten to FG situations. This is on the offense.
The kicking was unforgivable, calling out the kicker was really harsh and not calling out the entire offense and offensive coaching staff was unfair. If AA is going to have a down senior year then this is going to be a very long season.

Hedlund won the job in preseason both last year and this year. Then he got in games and whiffed.

It’s time for another kicker.

I agree. It’s like the yips in putting. He was the best kicker in the preseason, but that doesn’t put points on the board in the season. I’m sad for the young man, but he just didn’t get it done when the lights were on.

Where is the walkon who was pushing him in fall practice? Hope he is still around because he will probably have a job against A&M.