Hedgecock gives Razorbacks winning swing

I enjoy watching this team play, they are very hardcore bunch, never give up just keep on grinding. Typical of pretty much every team at Arkansas right now

They can win lots of different ways, which is always a good thing. My question is can the pitching hold up late. That means in the regional/super regional. Haff has been up and down, so that’s a huge question mark in my opinion. Those games usually aren’t slugfests.

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Yes pitching will determine our Fate for sure Haff has not been as effective this yr so far but I do like the girl we got from Tulsa who just may be becoming our Ace based on what I saw this weekend. The offense we have makes us a very danger team for anybody to face because there’s really not a lot of places you can go to where you think you can get an out. I look forward to watching them play as the season progresses.

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