Heath/Pelphrey 3 NCAA’s at 9 years; Mike 3 at 8 years

If math is close and I’m not sure.

I see a lot of posts saying Mike is only coach to take us to expectations of 70s to 2000.

See a lot who say otherwise as we have a transition year of young players.

Mike’s record overall is better but is it up to expectations of a once national prominent program?

I hate that Mike hasn’t won a conf title or made one deep NCAA run since coming back, but maybe that’s unfair.

But until then, detractors may be justified to a degree in disappointment for program.

This may look anti Mike, and I so want him to succeed, and love how his young kids fought back today.

Just acknowledging any mixed feelings about program at the moment.

So hopeful Mike gets the program back to more consistent elite status and perhaps he can in the the years ahead.