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Maybe appropriate for Alabama board. Oh, never mind no heat there!

No not me… Me no play with anything that is hot! Because Lord knows if it’s smoking going in!!!I don’t even want to think about it coming out !!!:astonished:


Contact lens wearers know that salsa is nothing to joke about.

I was in grad school (Austin) and thought I’d try my hand one weekend at homemade salsa for a meal. Visited a local market and bought the pepper that smelled great. It did. Tasted good. But the oils got on my hand. No big deal, right? Washed hands 2-3 times between cooking and taking my contacts out. There was a decent sting that night. But the next morning, oh boy. I couldn’t get the sting off the lenses or out of my eyes. I was left to wearing glasses for 2 days and needed new lenses.

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Just like with recruiting information, I’m gonna have to take your word on that. I’m not trying anything with “ghost pepper” or “Carolina pepper” in the title :rofl::rofl:

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