Heartless, Gutless & Worthless

So sick of looking at Jeff Long and BB… Couple northern guys, speak well most northerners do…

Our little proud state and favorite university deserves so much more than this display of B.S. that’s being stuffed down our throat every week.

No heart, no guts, no depth, defense sucks AGAIN (always). Btw the work of the job is recruiting and defense, not collecting your paycheck and looking/being confused as hell on the field. We suck at both…

We need an AD and coach that has Arkansas ties that bleed Razorback red (would immediately play with heart and guts) not somebody that just counts their money after every game. At least with SEC ties that has a clue what to expect and who and how to recruit.

Coach BB is now a wealthy man, new kid, hope him the best but he’s not coaching, he’s talking, speaking well and faking Arkies out. Not me I know he’s full of chit and not into the job.

We have to be smarter moving forward. Much much smarter.

Don’t fall into the bs that we can’t do any better. We can’t do much worse if you think about it.

Last Saturday was the most pathetic effort I’ve seen in 50 years. Once everybody’s cup runneth over like mine we can get better.

Not before and not with this failed staff we have starting with Mr. Long.

Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

I’m not going to tell you to not be frustrated or angry, but lets get somethings straight:

  1. I’ve seen from others as well, where Bielema and Long were born and raised has no bearing on how they are able to do their job.

  2. The idea that we must have someone with Arkansas ties is foolish too. Heck, arguably the best period of Razorback football was led by a man and later led as AD, who had ZERO Arkansas connections. So the notion that we have to have somebody from Arkansas leading the way is illogical.

  3. A lot of what you posted is conjecture at best. You don’t actually know any of it, but you are stating it as fact like you’ve actually talked to the men you’re speaking about. So lets keep some perspective here.

  4. Jeff Long is not the AD of just the football team. He has to look over finances, facilities, education, etc. of all our sports and since he’s been here, all have gone up. So the idea that Jeff Long is a major problem, in the face of the positive he’s done, is pure ignorance.

Yes, be frustrated and angry, but keep an open mind. And praying for a new HC, like we can just get whomever we want, isn’t accurate either.

Hello General, try to keep up…

Not saying anything ugly about where these guys are from, saying they speak well most northerners do. But I’m sick of speak well, sick of talk, sick of promises, sick of bs…

I want to see results on the field. RESULTS ON THE FIELD. Not talk. I want to see effort and fight.

And Arkansas has had many coaches move on to a nice career. Yes this may be a stretch but maybe we could look closer to home for our next hire.

Just frustrated, not so much with losing as I am with the product/recruiting, game plan and effort.

What posts like these seem to conclude is that the two men you mentioned don’t want success on the field. Winning is important to every coach. That’s the way they stay employed. Same for athletic directors. CBB was out of character in his postgame presser by calling out the kicker, for which he was largely criticized. That likely was because he’s as frustrated as any fan, and likely more.

My opinion is that the most heartless, gutless, worthless thing CBB did is to specifically call out that kid. He IS a kid. If it’s ok to do that, then there were many other kids on that team that needed to be called out. I can’t help but feel CBB took out his frustrations and lack of ability to alter any outcome of the game on that one kid. Probably an easy target. Would he do the same to Allen? probably not. or any other star on the roster. But he decided to make a public example of this kid. I’m not saying he is or isn’t a good kicker or shouldn’t be benched or replaced. that’s fine…it should apply to every kid on that roster. You don’t perform, you sit. Next guy up. It’s just not right to take the whole thing out on that one kid.

Well, when you stated you couldn’t stand to look at them and then referenced what region they were from, it’s easy to see you implying that as a negative.

I agree (though part of it was directly answering a reporter’s question), it’s never good to point out one person over another. But you missed my point. CBB and JL want to win because that’s the best way to keep their jobs.

Wanting to win and doing what’s necessary to win are two completely different things but I get what you’re saying.

If our kicker was a highly compensated professional then calling him out was appropriate. But he is not. He is a college kid who is on scholarship. While scholarships are very valuable, he is still not a professional. He is never going to become independently wealthy like an Adam Vinatieri playing for us. All Bielema had to say during that post game press conference was, “Due to the results, or lack thereof, I am afraid we are going to open up the competition for place kicker during our bye week again.” No one’s name needed mentioning.

In 1988, back during the Ken Hatfield era in a non public locker room setting, Coach Ken Turner challenged Kendall Trainor to start kicking better. (Even way back then, we had a special teams coach who handled the kickers). Trainor responded and had a tremendous season. The point is that (in my opinion) Bielema handled this situation like a rank amateur. Cole Hedlund is probably done. We are probably never going to see him do what Kendall Trainor did. The idea is if it is needed, to tear the kid down then build him back up. Even Bobby Petrino admitted that he may have gone a little too far with Alex Tejada and that Tejada struggled with kicks he used to make routinely. The good news is that Tejada got to redeem himself when he kicked the game winner against East Carolina in the Liberty Bowl.

I’ve been a Bielema supporter, for the most part, from the beginning–and, to an ever increasingly small degree, I still am. However, I don’t think it’s ridiculous for him to feel uncomfortable about his job status right now.

Forget his record against Bama; many schools are 1-or-0 for Saban. His overall record, however, should be at least 7-8 games above .500 by now. Yes, we play in the SEC, but let’s not pretend like the SEC is the powerhouse it once was 5-10 years ago. We should be using this downtime in the SEC to build up our record.

I’ll add that he lost a lot of respect from me when he called out Cole. I taught at Arkansas for a few years before I left for my current job. I had a couple of former Hogs who went on to the NFL. But, the student I remember the most was Alex Tejada. That kid was haunted by the way he was treated. He walked around campus with a hoodie over his head in 85 degree temps. He was a good kid; there was no reason to treat him the way fans and Petrino did. And he wasn’t the only one. I had to have a 45-minute conversation in the hallway after class with one of the football players (I won’t mention his name) to convince him that he shouldn’t drop out of school because he was being told that he wasn’t going to start anymore and fans were harassing him. Thank God–he completed his degree and graduated.

As big and as strong as these young men are, if you’re around them enough, you begin to realize that they are a lot closer to kids than men.