Heartbreaking loss

I never thought we’d win this game. At least not until the 4th qtr when I thought we might. At then end, I thought we would.

However, I’m encouraged. TAMU ain’t Bama, but we can win an SEC game or two this year. I was proud of Hicks. Glad we have him. Hope Starkel will get well, soon, but Hicks stepped up.

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Proud, proud, proud of the kids!!

I’m not heartbroken or think anyone needs to be heartbroken. Quite the opposite. Very inspiring loss. This team now knows the blueprint to success. They aren’t sulking. They aren’t heartbroken. They are encouraged and inspired and ready to go play the next game now. I think they smell success.

My thoughts:

  1. Proud of the effort today - played their guts out. Responded to adversity

  2. Makes me even more irked about losing the SJSU game.

  3. Kentucky is the best chance for an SEC win IMO. Have to throw everything and the kitchen sink at it. Their secondary is not great - hopefully have everybody healthy.

  4. Burks is everything we thought he would be

  5. I’m numb to losing and it pisses me off.

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And Mississippi State

And finally Missouri

I had the same thought about the SJS game. If we’d played half as well last week as we played today, we’d be 3-2 right now instead of 2-3. Regardless, we’re mostly looking for improvement this year. We saw it today. It’s still a loss & it sucks to lose by less than a TD & failing on 4th down deep in their territory with 35 seconds to go, but if we play this well here on out, we’ll get a couple of wins. That’ll give us hope for the future.

Agree. Heartbreaking can’t begin to descirbe how this feels. Hopefully some day soon that giant horseshoe will fall out of the damn Aggie’s a$$…

Very proud of our team today. They played their hearts out! Great game by the coaches as well. Any loss is tough, but hopefully we can build off of this effort and turn this season around!

Did not recognize this team today but I can darn sure get used to this kind of effort !! Came up short but played well and rebounded much more than I thought would be possible today. Very proud of our team !! WPS

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“heartbroken” and “inspired” aren’t mutually exclusive. I’m both.

I’ve never been heartbroken over any Razorback loss so I guess I don’t understand. Regardless I think the team is more pumped up than down. I know I am.