Very tough loss. One of many. Kids played very hard

Tale of 2 halfs. 10 careless turnovers (5 travels) in the first half, then only 3 TOs in the 2nd half. Just lack of focus in the first half beat us today. We played very well in the last 10 minutes of the game. I had pretty much given up on winning without Joe. But those last 10 minutes have given me some hope for several wins before Joe makes it back.

anyone gonna ask Muss why no timeout on Jones last shot? no advantage on the floor as he has often alluded to as to why he does not call TO’s. Looked like he had moved to do so and left it in the chaos of the waning seconds. He has no kid that has controlled that time all year ( where is our PG to do so?). Only the Mase miracle at GT has succeeded. Question needs to be asked and repeated.

This game is a carbon copy of 8 other games the hogs have lost this season.
CEM has no other options with players!
Each of these games go in the loss column and each game has some the same problems. There are no answers. We have one loss that was a true beat down at Tennessee!
The hogs played with heart for 10 minutes today are came back to take the lead only to blow it! The February run won’t happen this year with only 1 true scoring option. Mason Jones can’t go for 40 every game!
With the roster CEM is using he has done a great job! Without Joe we just don’t have the ability to build a lead or play solid defense.
There’s 6 regular season games left and 1 games guaranteed in the SEC tournament. Out of the 6 games I would guess the hogs might win 2!
The SEC tournament if they win the Wednesday game you can count that Thursday game as a loss with the depth of this team.
I’m excited about next season and hope CEM has 13 available scholarship players to play.

rayzabackerii WHY don’t you ask coach Muss about Jones last shot? Coach Muss has forgot more about basketball than most of us will ever know .It just pisses me off to read a post like that. I know I will get a lot of hell about this post , but I don’t give a dam.

Shouldn’t have got 17 down. This team has proven it can compete without Joe. Hopefully they’ll clean it up. If they do, I see no reason we can’t go 5-1.

Agree with the CEM part, in fact have said the same 2 different times in other posts the last couple weeks

Players make plays! At winning time our players make a lot of losing plays!
Instead of the simple play! Pretty simple!

This has been an issue lately, after being a strength first half of the year. Turnovers, mental mistakes. It’s put us in a hole.

This is going to possibly be read as demeaning, and I don’t mean it to be. So, I’m sorry if it’s taken that way.

I’ve seen so many people ask why a time-out wasn’t called, and it seems to me that the question is based on a foundation of lack of basketball intelligence, is emotionally-charged and with some lack of memory of the prior possessions. First, we were ahead. We had the advantage. You don’t stop the clock there to allow the defense to show you something different; MSU was playing on their heels at that moment. Second, our comeback was rooted in Mason Jones drives that resulted in free throws or open shots. People were calling for Sills to have the ball. Go check the game log if you can’t remember. Mason passed to Desi for that three. Mason had more possessions of scores down the stretch than Desi. The strategy of Mason having the ball in his hands was appropriate.

That said, Mason just didn’t execute. MSU played great on-ball defense. Mason tried the drive a few times, and didn’t get it, so he started hunting the step-back. He should’ve moved the ball after they stopped his drive two times. But, he chose not to. Poor execution by him after unbelievable execution down the stretch to bring us back into the game.

What Razorag said.

I agree with you on that. BTW Howland did not call timeout on MSU’s final possession either.

I don’t have any issue with Muss not calling timeout yesterday either.

I think Muss opened himself up to doubting when he made the statement that he prides himself in not calling timeouts. So, whenever an unsuccessful possession happens without calling a timeout, some are going to wonder why no TO. That was a fair question by the poster.

Muss’s coaching style has to do with growing up in NBA. NBA coaches save timeouts for the end, so that they can advance the ball beyond half court on multiple possessions in the final minute of the game. Man defense and a fixed rotation is also a result of NBA upbringing,

I do not agree. Should have been a 15-20 point win. The hogs have collapsed - the season’s over.

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