My wife and I were talking about the team. She didn’t understand how we could go from so good to subpar. I think it comes down to heart. We won those first games on grit and gumption. You can only win so many games on heart. We don’t have the depth to go with heart and gumption.

We have a good thing going and we win 2 or 3 more games. This season is a lot closer to what we thought it would be. Those early wins reset expectations for many of us. And we need to be realistic and let CSP recruit and develop his way out of this.

The future is bright. Let’s enjoy the ride.


I think it has to do more with not much depth than heart. I think these guys are still trying to give everything they have but that looks a bit different healthy vs all beat up.


I wasn’t trying to say it was a lack of heart. I was trying to say heart isn’t enough to win every week. You need talent and depth as well.


Sorry if I misunderstood. I’ve been up since 4 AM lol. I agree with your point.

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I think we are thin and the talent fall-off from 1 to 2s is more than a little, it’s a lot. So when we lose a starter to injury it hurts us a lot.

I think they have enormous heart but to your point, that’s not enough. But it’s coming! Just keep thinking “western Kentucky “……. We have come so far


I don’t think its a Heart issue… Georgia was just the better team and Ole Miss was a flat out pickem game and today we just came up short! Still a good team and alot of ball left out front of us…

Our defense looked worn out and confused much of the day.

I think three road games + losing Catalon took its toll and we did not have enough in the tank for a good, but certainly not great Auburn team.

My hope is we see a lot of young players play the majority of the UAPB game and we take full advantage of what’s essentially two open dates. Recharge and heal up.

Dispatching the Pirate and winning the The Boot back for the first time since 2015 would be huge.


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