Heart goes out to

Paul Biancardi. I know how much Megan and I love Sam and Reuben but Paul LOVED his Buddy as much or more. Whenever we talked Buddy was always brought up. Say a prayer for Paul and his family.

Nothing worse than losing a dog. Absolutely nothing. There is a reason dog spelled backwards is God.

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We love our German Shepard. Roxie won’t let anyone get out of a car in our drive way until we come outside and let her know it’s ok! She has ran people off at night that we’re out here trying to steal. Man does she guard the kids when they are playing in the yard.

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Any time I see a post like this, it makes me remember all of the dogs that have enriched my life. We have them for such a short time and they give us so much during that span. Losing a beloved companion is very hard.

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Dogs are the only living creature that gives it’s owners totally unconditional love.There is no better cure for a horrible day than the enthusiastic greeting that your dogs give you when you get home. They listen patiently if you need to vent or will cuddle and love if you need that.

My dogs want to go with me. I doesn’t matter if I am running errands around town, getting ready to go on a multi hour road trip, or a boat ride. They just want to be with you. They truly are “man’s best friend”.

Losing a dog is one of worst pains you will ever experience. The loss is huge and it takes a long time before the pain gradually goes away. In time, you can mostly just remember the good times. And that’s just how your dog would want it.


Great take.

We humans can learn from our dogs.

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