Hearing Wiggins gets the start today

If so, glad DVH getting him back on the mound quickly. Hopefully JW gets that bad taste out of his mouth from Tenn.
Would like to see Noland get some innings today also.

Van Horn announced last night that Wiggins will start.

yeah I’m glad too,get out and just pitch,no pressure,use the immense talent you’ve been given,.I think Noland,Zeb,Tole,Trest will all get some work

Everybody but Trest

Yeah he’s working on secondary pitches I guess, guy has went from possible closer to not even throwing, wouldn’t surprise me if he enters the portal

Trest pitched against ASU last week and gave up a run in 2/3 inning. He might transfer, but then these days you could say that about a lot of people at every school.

Well you hate to give up on him,just look at the transformation Kopps has made,Trest comes up with a pitch that is nasty to go with that 95 FB he would be tough to handle.

I think Trest’s problem is throwing strikes. He’s walked 8 in 14 innings. ERA is decent in spite of that though. You wonder if there’s been some injury that no one has asked about because he’s been rarely used.

Definitely something going on for sure, have heard DVH mention he’s working on a dependable secondary pitch but he’s clearly not being counted on right now

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