Hearing Traylor to UTSA

Being reported he’s a leading candidate but I think it’s his.

Yeah I saw a report Chad had withdrew. Good for CT.

As head coach? Hate to lose him but can’t begrudge him a promotion.

Digging around and found this:

Nutt wants UTSA job

Who would you take Swine, Nutt / Traylor?

Hmm. UTSA is fighting for attention in that market with the Spurs, EOE, A&M and the NFL. Nutt would make a splash initially and does have a history of at least moderate success at the FBS level. And Traylor hasn’t been a head coach or coordinator at the college level. But Hootie is also 62. It would be a tough call. I’d have to know more about their specific situation.

Oh yeah and Texas State is also nearby. They’d be at the bottom of that pecking order with the Bobcats. Possibly also below the local high school scene.

Houston is a young 62, ha. I’d like to see him get a chance again, but Jeff is deserving too
w his T connections. Yeah, tough call.

Being reported it’s Traylor by FS.

er, and RD!

Nutt probably wanted more money than they wanted to pay. I think Frank Wilson was making $1.2 million. I don’t think Nutt was going there for $1.2M

Interesting…ego? If I wanted to get back into coaching I would just take the frakin’ job w
bunch of incentives …I guess it was up to Sexton. “Sorry Houston, your still retired.”

Who knows, maybe they just wanted Jeff. Wonder who his agent is? :upside_down_face:

Perhaps Nutt can replace Drinkwitz & fill the App State job.