Hearing there's

a few guys making out very well with NLI.

Will be interesting to see how much info some will share.

Do you know anything about the deals with Wright’s BBQ? I can’t imagine the athletes are getting a lot of money from them with as many as they’ve signed. Are they just getting free meals? Any idea?

Well, as to the money aspect, that would be hard to come by, as to the players, they should be “promoting” their new deals, if they wish to get paid.

They’ll pay tax on these gift deals, right? Rude awakening coming.

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I had a summer job three out of my four summers of college and managed to remember to file with the IRS. It ain’t rocket science, Fred. If you’re smart enough to learn the playbook, you’re smart enough to file your taxes.

Senor RD how many Cameos have u bought from the student athletes so far?

I think you’re on to something there.

Which player(s) will represent HI? Demozette?

Ha. Paying taxes means you’re making money. Nothing wrong with paying taxes. Working your tail off and not making money seems to be the rude awakening.


Free BBQ to an O-line is one hell of an investment to start with…

They appear to be getting almost all trade food and the little bit of cash will probably cover taxes. You must pay pay taxes on trade.

For instance, coaches must pay taxes on the value of a dealer car.

Are handlers, insuring best deals available, to be looked at as “agents”?

No clue but I’m sure some are involved.

Things will leak out over the months and next few years.


Can Sabanation post pix of Bama s RBs at Nicks Mercedes dealership and be allowed to use Mercedes for their years in school?

I do not know if that would fly or not. Sure looks like conflict of interests.

And handlers are not agents until they are done with college. They are handlers/advisers. I think that’s the same thing but it’s probably short of that in college jargon.

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I believe this is true if there is a profit. If the oline gets $1000 in free sandwiches and sponsors a cookout for $1000 then there ain’t much taxes to pay but they’ll have to set up a business and show the offset in income and expenses. So long as it’s fair market value there shouldn’t be an issue.

If Trey Knox takes a year’s worth of dog food, he will have to pay taxes on it. It is pay.

All of this trade stuff will have to be tracked. The players know it. Mostly, there will be some cash involved so that will take care of taxes.

Players are coached on this.

Aren’t the vendors/boosters required to send the players 1099s (copy to IRS) with amount and value of products or cash given to them?

At one time you didn’t have to send them to Inc.’s. Pretty sure my CPA always sent them to everyone, though.

That will be tracked. Yes.