Hearing there's

been more wrinkles in the Arkansas offense during practices this week. I think it’s safe to there will be a larger dose of Hayden and Hammonds.

I like the sound of that, ready to see it in action against the Aggies. I will refer to it as H2O.

Talk! We have heard about speed and play makers. It time to see on the field.
Get someone on a roll and keep feeding it to them. That’s want I want to see.
We have another week to wait !
It would be great to see AA have time in the pocket and let it fly. Mixed up with short and long passes. The run game will be ineffective until it happens.

Richard not doubting you personally, but we also heard in preseason from coaches Colton Jackson had made a big jump and Austin Allen looked fantastic. Proof not in the pudding.

I will remain skeptical until proven otherwise!

I want to see us pull out all the stops, if there’s any beast on or in this team then it needs to be unleashed against A&M and play to win instead of not to lose. We have to match the intensity of play in the SEC, we can stick with a good game plan as long as the intensity and aggressiveness shows up on the field, I can’t believe that we don’t have the coaches or players to compete better than we’ve shown. I think the ones playing against the ones will prove that steel sharpens steel and shows that our coaches have taken a step in the direction of improving this team. I firmly believe this season will turn the corner in the win against the Aggies ! WPS

In both instances it was noted that they looked good against the second-team defense. Arkansas didn’t do any 1s vs. 1s in the practices I saw.

A. Big DUH to our coaches

I did not realize that Matt… perhaps going forward a little more one v. one work would be advisable. Is this their standard approach to preseason and hence the slow starts year after year ?

Feed the studs.

It’s frustrating to me that they’ve had multiple games in the last few years in which some of their best weapons are essentially healthy scratches.

The TCU game screamed for a HR hitter. We were struggling to drive the field and finish drives.

Instead, we went with more of a plodder (relative to Hayden). One wonders if one of his doubles would have been a homerun if it had been Hayden.

It varies by year and season (spring, preseason, etc.). I seem to remember more 1s vs. 2s under Bielema than 1s vs. 1s. Tom Murphy noted in this morning Razorback Report that the team was going 1s vs. 1s in practice this week.

Could it be that they are so afraid of more injuries in the spring and fall ball by going 1’s on 1’s more often? It would certainly seem that doing 1’s vs. 1’s more often would be wise…

Has Jordan Jones played? I’m curious about him. He was a 4.2/4.3 guy. Yet last week no one could get separation. With that speed, he should be able too.

Now that all the cows are gone, we’re gonna make sure that barn door is shut tight.

That’s the point…in the grand scheme of things you guys are not seeing anything. Nobody is. All we have is what the coaches are saying and that has been far from accurate so its not wonder everyone is skeptical.



Jordan started the last game against TCU when Arkansas went three wide.

Love the kid, but to this point, he gets to the wrong place really quickly.

That being said, Allen did miss him deep once last week to the best of my memory.

They also went deep for Nance successfully and also once more to Pettway, who fell down making an adjustment to the ball

We know there are talented players in this team. How quickly they all get on the same page is the question? First test was not good and second test should tell us more about what to expect the remainder of the season. Hope all goes well.

If I am thinking along the same line as the Wizard, I am proud of myself. You are one of my favorite posters :smiley: