Hearing that


I don’t know, I see more quickness and athleticism with Franklin. And if you saw any of the vids that McPherson posted of Franklin before his injury, you’d see some major strides with his shot.

If Franklin develops premiere perimeter skills then he would be a can’t miss player imo but if he’s another CJ Jones who could dribble his way out of a paper bag then spare me because franklin is too small to play inside we have high jumping 6’7 guys already on the team we need a SKILLED, high basketball IQ small forward who can be a mismatch on the perimeter and inside on smaller defenders. Franklin to me seems to fit more of the mold of a CJ jones and Adrio Baily both who aren’t quite skilled enough for the true position they play so we call them positionless when the true definition of a positionless player isn’t predicated upon what a player can’t do but what he can do. Anthony Davis is a positionless player because he can do things a guard can do in a 6’10 frame, Lebron is a postionless player, Ben simmons is a positionless player, Jordan Phillips could be a positionless player but as of now, from what I’ve seen Javon Franklin is just an undersized powerforward

Seems like you are describing Gueye.

Lol no I like Gueye game a lot Dewight Stewart es

The point you have made is that you like AJ most. Does not make you right or wrong.

Just like it is known that teams with more 4 and 5 stars win more than ones with 2 and 3 stars, it is clear that prospects - be it football, basketball, baseball, etc. - with more D-I offers do better.

You can find exceptions, but it is not the norm.

Again, I am not saying I like AJ any less than the others - I’m just saying you are his biggest fan.

If he goes on to a have a great career here or somewhere else, that would be a feather in your evaluation cap.

lol I grinned reading this because honestly it’s true…I do like AJ more than franklin and I’m a fan of his game from what I’ve seen now the only question I have is are his grades up to par to play on the high major level and is he really 6’7 or 6’8 because you know how schools will give an inch or two

I like Bramah. He is skilled in multiple areas. Good in all, not great in any. He’s off to a slightly slow start this year so far in 8 games. He has a great Asst to TO ratio of over 4-1 so far and is the teams leading assist man. He is, however 1 of 12 on 3s so far. He’s their leading scorer at 12.9 ppg and most minutes at 23. I assume they are playing cupcake teams in this early season because they have about 10 players with double digit minutes. If we have an opening after Franklin and Justice, I’d be happy to add him too.

However, because of recent circumstances, if it comes down to Franklin or Bramah, I’m in the Franklin camp. Especially now that we get 3 years with Franklin vs 2 years with Bramah. IMO Franklin gives us the most in replacement defensive minutes missing from the loss of Gafford. He’s an A+ shot blocker and an excellent rebounder. As a freshman, he was 15th in blocked shots in the country and top 20 in rebounding. He’s also a good scorer. Same general scoring stats as Bramah.

My first wish would be to have both because Bramah is a totally different player than Franklin. They are different enough, they should never be listed as “either or”. You would take the one with the skill sets that your team will be needing in 2019. Again, 3 years vs 2 is also a big difference maker.


I guess we don’t have the luxury, but I loved what I have read from Mike K and Mark Few. They said they won’t recruit any player who can’t shoot the three. I’m sure that isn’t totally true, but I get what they are looking for.

Mason Jones doesn’t exactly fit the usual Anderson athletic mode. But he’s a pretty good basketball player.

Sounds like Mike K and Mark Few have had a high number of recruiting failures. Their rosters have been filled with a bunch of guys who can’t shoot the three.

I believe they are talking about position 1, 2 and 3 and not all 5 as you put it.

Sounds like you have not seen Franklin play.

Franklin was the best player in the state when he was a senior! Better than Hall or Garland and I’m not knocking those two!

Weren’t they in Gafford’s class?

Whether they can make the 3 or not when recruited, Mike K makes them practice it daily. Well according to the latest documentary on ESPN.

That is a lot different than what the poster was saying.

Dericko originally said on Twitter he was announcing at 1:30 today. I text him if he was still announcing at 1:30 eastern and he text me 2:30.

Maybe he was thinking 2:30 central and 3:30 eastern.

Was thinking there might be a chance he could change his mind at the last second but he’s not. Will just say he’s not a Hog.

Other services are reporting that Hogs moved on after his OV. In other words, our staff decided not take his commitment and passed on him. Do you not agree with those reports?

They moved on, but I wouldn’t agree right after the visit. Very seldom do you bring a kid in any sport on an OV without strong interest. This wasn’t a case of causal interest, but as things progressed Arkansas decided not to pursue.

progressed in regards to other recruiting targets?.. because the post reads ambiguous otherwise