Hearing that

PF Dericko Williams will announce his decision today. He recently OV to Arkansas.

Do we know a time? Is there a press conference scheduled ?

Between noon and 1. From what I gather he’ll announce on Twitter.

Greensboro, Houston or Arkansas.

Any feeling on what direction he is leaning?

Hoping we have actually moved on from him. We are going to need some versatile offensive skill, not another guys in the same mold as Ali, Henderson, Gabe, etc.

I really like Gueye at Daytona St that we’ve been on and the coaches went to see this weekend. He’s more in the mold of Jordan Phillips, a long athletic wing who can go in or out and create matchup problems. I bet his offers continue to get better as people see him more. Right now, it’s us, Texas Tech, Seton Hall, Ole Miss.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCsrICo … ntent=Link

Staying close to home is my gut.

They’re still very much on and want him.

well it’s been changed to Wednesday. He confirmed.

A source told me today and the source would know. It happens.

exactly I hope we land this guy and AJ Bramah…to me these two can be game changers… They should be the priority gets in my book and if we land a 4th go for a grad transfer big, If one is available

Here is my issue with Bramah, or should I say question. What’s the deal with him. We are the only major offer. A lot of mid majors are offering, but why are the big boys seemingly not interested?

His offer list:

https://247sports.com/Recruitment/AJ-Br … Interests/

You seem to be higher on Bramah than most.

Offer both Doudou Gueye
(full name pronounced Doo-doo GUY-yay) and Khadim Sy (Sy pronounced SEE) as a package deal and they can lockdown the interior.

That highlight reel ain’t no joke

Give me Hill, Franklin, and Williams and I’ll be a happy camper.

Bramah tape speaks for itself he’s way more skilled than franklin and can jump just as high…Bramah reminds me of Sonny Weems that’s why I’m so high on him…his height and skill set would thrive in the fastest 40 on both ends

I’m not saying they won’t sign him or that he is not good enough.

What I am saying is he should have a better offer list - all things being equal.

I’m curious why that is.

Everybody has a great highlight tape.

I’m about to start deep diving into basketball recruiting

You know just as well as I do Dudley recruiting based on who else offers isn’t really a recipe for success especially in basketball. In basketball it’s not odd to find a 4 or five star rated player with one or two high major offers.

How many 5-star players can you name that only have or had 1 high major offer?

Some kid named Monk only had 1 offer that mattered!

If you do your research you will be surprised… I’ve seen it numerous of times but I’m not going to do the research for you because my point is already made