Hearing that

Warren WR Treylon Burks and DL Marcus Miller of Warren will visit Arkansas this weekend.

No reactions but I think that can’t be bad news! ghg

I would agree. Treylon isn’t one to make a lot of visits.

he reminds me of DMac in high school, in that he’s the best offensive player on the field and the best defensive player on the field.

He could literally be a stud recruit either way.

He also REALLY cares about winning, as was very evident after the state championship game.

If we are going to be a relevant football team, this is the type of home-grown talent that we have to have. He’s the kind of player we need to beat Auburn and LSU and, dare I say it, Bama


Morris needs to sign Treylon Burks.

That cannot be over-emphasized.

This, this, and THIS. There have been many talented prospects to come out of Warren. Treylon is the most talented and dominant, ever. As Holden said, he is a gamechanger on both sides of the ball and best of all has the humble attitude to want to get better and better. Words like elite, future superstar, and first round NFL draft pick are not exaggerations. And, yes, I’m fully aware he has not played a down of college football football yet.


Watched Burks in the 4A title game against my Arkadelphia Badgers. He was amazing. Why they didn’t get him the ball every play at the end of the game is beyond me.

Burke is a must get

Any word on whether or not they made it to Fayetteville?

Posted elsewhere unlikely to make it.

He says his Warren kids were unable to make it today.

Anything else we should know?

Don’t believe so. Rides often fall through. I suspect this is the case.