Hearing that

Barry Dunning’s visit has gotten off to a very good start since he arrived earlier in the evening.

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Love it!

Richard, did he get a chance to meet with Ford and Ware?
Also, I saw where you mentioned hearing Ford was very impressed and sounded positive about his visit. Have you gotten any vibes yet from Ware?

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This is absolutely not a shot at you or any recruiting journalists, but in your years covering recruiting, thousands of visits I’m assuming, what percentage do you hear of visits not going well? The football kids from Memphis I think that stole some property comes to mind. Stacy Wilkins another. Maybe Malik Monk?

I mean, these things are set up for the athlete to have a good time.

Richard and Dudley have covered a lot of these - do you think that maybe something a little different or out of the ordinary could have occurred for him to say that? Geeze

If that were the case I would love to hear it. Isn’t that what we pay for?

I remember Porter Gustin visit not going well during the Bielema era.

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The easiest way to differentiate is when certain recruits are singled out because it’s overtly obvious to several Arkansas media outlets.

I’m sure a kid would enjoy a free lunch but take them to Disneyworld and the reaction is at a totally different level.

He never visited.

There are some bad visits. The kid or parents can give off bad vibes and or say things that show they’re not into the visit.

You’re right about visits being set up for a good time but not all go well. You do have to sort through info and what you hear from sources to get the best possible picture of the situation.

What I said about Dunning doesn’t mean he’s coming but he was obviously liking Arkansas based on what I was hearing.


I remember when Mo Moody didn’t have much positive to say on his first official with the previous regime.

There’s no way a prospect won’t be entertained by just being around Muss as fired up as he is.


I think that Richard and I do a good job in differentiating when a kid is having a great time, a good time or there were issues on the visit.

I view our job as journalists as simply being someone to report the news, not help or hurt recruiting.

As for myself, someone who has been reporting on recruiting for 35 years, I would guesstimate that around 100 football, basketball and baseball recruits out of thousands have had less than stellar visits.

But 75 percent of those were about the mindset of the recruit and not the program’s detail to attention.

There have also been some plants from other schools along the way.

We are usually able to root those out during or after the visit.

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I agree it is rare for official visits to not go well I also know RD and DD have obligation to report what they see. And I trust them when they say visits are going well.

But the bottom line is unless you get a commitment, it is hard to interpret what it means to have a visit to go well. Most of the time it may mean nothing.

However, it does mean something when RD and DD report that it is not going that well.

Two examples of this are, Malik Monk had a great visit based on reports, but it didn’t result in anything.

On the other hand, either RD or DD reported that Moses Moody was not pleased that Razorbacks fans attention the weekend of his first OV was on Kelly Bryant and not on him, Bryce Thompson and Matthew Murrell who were making visits together. I am not sure if we have ever had 3 Top 50 players on campus at one time, but fans didn’t show much love to the 3 basketball players. Just to be clear, it wasn’t bad scheduling by the BB staff. Bryant visit was only scheduled last minute. So, you knew by that report that the staff would be behind with those 3.

The reason I’ve paid (for years) to be on this site is the integrity and professionalism of the journalists here. I have no need for Razorback related info from anywhere else so this is my one stop spot.

Thanks Clay and team for your professionalism. It’s much appreciated.

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I didn’t report that Moses had a bad visit or was upset.

What I reported was that those in his camp were upset that Kelly Bryant got all the hoopla.

It worked out in the end. The Bryant circus left down, Morris likely did as a result of that as well and Sam Pittman took over.

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The hoops staff at the time didn’t do anything to build up the visit for Moses and crew. Remember it pretty clearly but that was typical of the previous hoops regime.

FWIW, heard from a source this morning that Dunning called last night amazing. Same thing Ford said about his two day visit.


The top rated basketball recruit during Nolands time. NR was busy and didn’t show up until last hour or so of the visit. Was it Luol Deng?

What was it that was not done that was done for this week’s visits. I know previous staff didn’t use social media but they can’t talk about recruits on social media anyway. So, just curious what do you feel was different or missing.