Hearing that

Arkansas has some impressive graphics ready to go tonight for the 2022 prospects. Tonight at midnight is when college coaches can reach out to juniors via social media for the first time.

Cody Vincent is as good as they come.

IS this hoops RD or football?


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Guess we can thank Chad Morris for at least leaving us Cody, Stepp, Burks, Knox, etc. Hopefully Cody and Stepp will make me finally forgive SMU for recruiting shenanigans and 40 yard pass interference penalty in Dallas (I was there) that resulted in a tie that cost us I believe a SWC championship. I loved it when after the game a reporter asked a lineman of ours if that was the most disappointing tie ever, and the player grabbed the reporter’s necktie and yanked his neck playfully and said “No, THIS is the most disappointing tie ever.” The pass interference call resulted in changing the penalty the next year to be marked not at the spot but from the line of scrimmage. No more stopping to intentionally get a DB to unintentionally run over you to induce a 40 yard penalty.

Long live Nathan Jones and Horton Nestra.

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