Hearing some Grumbling Around the State

We do not have the players like other SEC programs (really?). Jefferson can’t pass like Ole Miss QB (few can).
and so on.

Not too much of that here as for the most part, it seems most here understand. I just wanted to remind everyone where we were just one season and 3 games ago. Remember W KY and other similar power houses came into Razorback Stadium and ran the Razorbacks off the field. We all stated that the main thing we wanted to see was improvement. Well wow, there has certainly been improvement. Is it enough to beat A&M Sat. I tend to thank not, but will certainly not be surprised if they do. I bet A&M is paying attention!

We have come a long way baby in a very short amount of time. We still have a long, long way to go, but it helps to look back just little bit and see how far we have come - ask texass!


The other aspect of this, I believe they will make much improvement. Sam has said several times we aren’t where we are going to be in a year or two. I tend to think you have only seen the tip of the ice berg in the development of KJ Jefferson. He is supremely talented.


I agree, Clay. I am seeing his abilities improve every game. He is going to be great.

Agree! KJ misses some passes but that will improve. He’s still young without a lot of experience. We have to be patient and let him grow. Tough doing that in the toughest division in college football! We are not a finished product and will struggle some against the big boys…just need to keep recruiting and developing the entire roster.

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I can’t hear those grumblings from where I am.(Missouri) I do think that if I turn my head to the east, I can hear a few coming from across the river.

Our hogs are playing tough nosed and show fight. That’s the first part of a rebuild. The player believe they can win.
Coach will get the best out of our hogs this season. The most talented team don’t always win! Prepare as a team and play together.

On Twitter, I saw this comparison (by Andrew Hutchinson) of the stats of Matt Jones and KJ Jefferson in their first three games as starter. Very similar.

Matt Jones: (2004) 44 of 71 (62%) 716 yards (10.1 yards/attempt), 5 TD/3 INT
24 carries, 185 yards, 1 TD

KJ Jefferson: (2021) 39 of 63 (61.9%), 632 yards (10.0 yards/attempt), 4 TD/2 INT
24 carries, 180 yards, 2 TD

I guess it’s technically not Jefferson’s first three games since he also started the Mizzou game last year, but the stats are eerily similar.

I think we all see that KJ needs to improve on his timing, accuracy, and placement for this offense to really go to another level. Hopefully he will do just that.

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Can you outline some “whys” you say this?

His ability is extremely high level. I have been impressed with his growing into the vocal and inspirational leader of this team. The best is yet to come from Jefferson and this team.

I am not Clay, but I can give my opinion as to why Clay says he is supremely talented.

  1. He has an absolute cannon for an arm
  2. He is a man-mountain
  3. He is shockingly agile and fast, considering his size…making him a very good runner
  4. He clearly has that rare attribute that people often don’t talk about. Charisma. Pittman has it…which is why he has the whole team totally bought in. KJ clearly has it too.

…and to reply to my own post, and again referring to Clay’s post…I don’t think anyone is saying KJ is a great QB yet. Nowhere near. But, whereas “great” is not a level that is in the cards for some simply due to physical or talent limitations…that’s not the case with KJ. He has all the talent you could ever want. But it certainly needs to be developed and refined. His passing mechanics certainly need better consistency…as we call all see when he burns one 5 feet over a receiver…or tosses one in the dirt.

Now…one could obviously point out that accuracy is talent. And there is some merit to that. But from I can see, I don’t observe anything that would inhibit his accuracy from getting better and better.

Its similar to golf. Accuracy can be improved over time more easily that plain ole swing speed.

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After what this program has been through, any grumbling about the team right now says more about the grumbler than about the team.


Fans can be such idiots and jerks. We are one season removed from back to back 2-10 seasons with 0 SEC wins… Last year, though we we were much better, we went 3-7. Now fans are moaniing because our very good QB isn’t Tom Brady.


No no no no no no Noreaster. Last year we were 4-6. Never forget that. If you buy into the lie that Aubrun beat us that day, it don’t be long before you’ll believe that Aladadgumbamma was the 1964 National Champions.

Frankly, I am pretty pleased with the progress that he has shown. Still fairly inexperienced as it relates to game experience. I am very much excited to see what type player he becomes.

He has that Dak Prescott feel to him. Maybe ahead of were Dak was at the same stage. Dak became a passer his senior year.


KJ reminds me of all young qb’s, and it’s very obvious that he gives us our best chance of winning games each Saturday. Living in Austin, he reminds me of a young VY in his first year starting at UT. He’s improving at a steady pace and getting better each game. The main thing is that the team believes in him and the coaches.

If he was dropping dimes in the intermediate game and hitting the deep ball all the time, we’d be wondering who is going to replace him after this season.


Succinct and very well said. We have witnessed the darkest of all football days…who thought it could get worse than 17 SEC losses in a row? Not this guy. Morris showed us a pit lower than hades. I am just so happy that we are competitive again. Folks that are naysayers now just love being naysayers.


overall team is monsterously improved, KJ has potential unrealized. Matt Jones is not the righ comparator, more like Jamarcus Russell to me. Big (literally) NFL bust, but college supreme talent. I’m not sure we are ever going to see a fully complimenary offensive attack with KJ at the helm. He is not similar to any of KB’s prior qB successes. Our OL will improve more than KJ will and Hornsby is potentially the game breaker we will need to develop for maximal success. Lots of variables going forward and our best success will be to get more Burks involved, that is the wholly great talent along with Catalon on this team. FL showed some Bama weakness best exploited by Hornsby but we are not at the point of being level field playing the Elephants in Tuscalooser.