Hearing Sampson is out...

Arkansas Media on other sites are starting to report that Sampson is no longer a candidate. Doesn’t appear to be an April Fool’s joke either.

Hearing Mussleman is probably the guy. I’m not going to lie, getting rid of CMA for a guy that just racked up a bunch of wins in the Mountain West and has a 2-3 NCAA tournament record doesn’t really get me excited. I guess we could do worse, but I wouldn’t have fired CMA for that. Beard, Sampson, or Buzz would have been upgrades, this guy… not so much.

I’ve watched Nevada play a few times the last couple of years, and he is an intense guy who can coach. Those Nevada teams were good, and very tough. Can he recruit well enough here? That’s the issue. Nevada had no depth and relied heavily on transfers.

I’d be willing to take a wild guess and say that absolutely no one has any idea what they’re talking about.

I bet HY knows who he has and hasn’t, and who he is talking to.

I’ll just wait patiently.

Theres no indication that anyone has a valid “source” right now.0

Well, our AD said reason CMA was let go was because it was about competing for SEC and National Championships every single year. His NCAA record is 2-3. That doesn’t really give me a good vibe we’ll be competing for SEC and National Championships to me.

Just my opinion, but I don’t think hiring a guy like Mussleman justifies firing CMA. You can always get a coach with Musselman’s resume, you can pick and choose those guys every single year that win a lot of games in small conferences and have only won a couple NCAA tournament games in their career.

I understand and everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Anderson. But since Anderson is no longer the coach, without a major big name coach, this is the guy I’d personally want. NLR is right. I’ve watched and read about Musselman when his name first came up and he’s a man who has taken teams that have suffered and turned them around. The most intriguing thing for me about Musselman is he’s got a major bargaining chip when it comes to recruiting. He’s coached in the NBA, G-League, and on the international stage as well. He knows what the NBA is looking for and even what teams internationally are looking for as well. He’s got the connections in short. In my opinion, we need something different that the schools around us can’t offer and other than Calipari, Musselman would be the only coach in the SEC with major NBA connections. That could be huge for us. Plus, like I said, he can coach very well as well. If he is the coach, lets see what he can do with major talent.

Uh-oh, this is twice in two days I’ve agreed with you.

I’m seeing a new name by the way:

Bruce Webber. Thoughts?

not good enough IMO.

It needs to be better than Mike, something most everyone agrees. He’s not.


I too think that Musselman’s NBA experience is a huge advantage. Getting to the NBA is what all these recruits have on their minds and experience in the NBA is therefore important. Musselman has experience at all levels and I think that will give him a recruiting edge. His style of play will be more in line with NBA teams and I think this too will be a recruiting edge. Coaching is still the most important variable but you got to have talent to win and this guy should be able to attract talent.

I am not picking a coach, but Eric Musselman is a really good basketball coach with a lot of experience, connections, passion and fire.

Dudley, in your opinion do you know if he is a good recruiter?

If anyone is interested there is a lot of interesting information on Musselman at the Nevada basketball site.

Fred Hoiberg at Iowa State used his NBA experience to sell the Iowa State program. Hoiberg has a dislike for recruiting but has hired Tom Abbelmassih who was with him at Iowa State to be one of his assistant coaches at Nebraska with the primary function being recruiting. The guy has been on the St. John’s staff since leaving Iowa State. NBA experience I think is a significant plus.

Musselman LOVES him some good old transfers and grad transfers. I really like that about him.

Musselman was an NBA head coach twice. Didn’t embarrass himself like Calipari either. He was the associate head coach at LSU and some attribute with them landing 5 star and #1 pick Ben Simmons while there. He was in the sweet 16 last year. I’m good with EM and hope he is the guy! ghg

2nd that on EM!

2nd that on EM.

Ben Simmons went to LSU because his Godfather David Patrick, who was hired for that year and is David Simmons, Ben’s dad and Patrick’s best friend.

Not because of Eric Musselman

Viewed as one.

Here’s a decent answer on that question.

https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/colleg … 622024002/