Hearing rumblings of Luke Walton....


Please no. Please

Lol, that’s just your stomach, go eat something.

Being fired by the Lakers? Probably. Hired here? Not likely.

Would take him in a minute. Recruits would be attracted to him. Great resume.

He’s had a part of a season as Steve Kerr’s stand-in at Golden State and two bad years with the Lakers. College experience was as a temporary assistant at Memphis during the 2011 NBA lockout, which ended Christmas Day. May not have ever done any recruiting at all.

Define rumblings…

rumbling noun
rum·​bling | \ ˈrəm-b(ə-)liŋ \
Definition of rumbling
2 : general but unofficial talk or opinion often of dissatisfaction —usually used in plural
rumblings of political trouble
— Anthony Burgess
Examples of rumbling in a Sentence
There were rumblings about rising prices.

Your welcome

I’ve been hoping for a Petrino situation. Someone maybe from the pro ranks that isn’t even on our radar, that just makes a call and falls into our lap.

But it’s wasn’t Luke.

Not that I’m opposed to it. Actually probably a upgrade to most names I’ve seen mentioned.

Well done bakedhog! :smiley:

I like this move if true I think Luke would be able to recruit well

A double attraction for recruits would be that Bill Walton would replace Matt Zimmerman as the radio analyst on the Hogs game broadcast

Please please please no bill walton

I know you’re kidding, but RSN doesn’t pay nearly as well as ESPN, and Chuck wouldn’t let him go on one of his rambling monologues.

Chuck wouldn’t let him go on one of his rambling self-aggrandizing-the-whole-world-revolves-around-me-and-my-opinions-GO-UCLA-we-got-robbed monologues.

I just had a vision of Chuck duct taping Bill Walton’s mouth…

I wish someone would.

Can I have the time back I committed to reading this thread.

I was being a little more concise, but you are largely accurate.

Take me now, Elizabeth