Hearing Nick Smith

Is ineligible for final year of high school.

True for now. You would hope something can be worked out.

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Any news you share on why and who pushed the envelope?

I’m going to do a deep dive on that this open week.

I have some interviews set up.

It is not accurate to say he is ineligible for his senior year of school. He can go to school and graduate.

More accurate to say he has not been ruled eligible to play basketball at his new school as of this moment.


It is no wonder why guys like Moses and KK go to prep schools to play against top competition in high school. Obviously, the systems in place at the state level don’t allow for them to move to a more competitive school to better their craft, and that is BS. The same crap that is happening to Black is now happening to Nick. I hope they both enroll at Link with their middle fingers in the air. What a joke.

I’m glad those systems are in place.

Public high schools should be about providing standard educational opportunities (and perhaps some level of extracurricular activities) for the general population.

If a kid wants to play against better competition to “better their craft”, enroll in a prep school that specializes in development of that craft.

If a kid wants to better their academic developnent, enroll in a charter/magnate institution that specializes in that: TAG, GATE, STEM, etc.


I’ll be very interested to see what you find out, Dudley. Both Nick and Anthony can’t, at this point, play their senior seasons where they wanted to. The question is why? Academics don’t seem to be the problem in either case. It smacks of sour grapes and politics. As I said before, no wonder KK and Moses decided to go to prep school.

I wonder if Nick issue maybe of him being recruited to transfer to NLR from Sylvan Hills. This goes on all the time but without direct evidence. They may have found some direct evidence here.

Frankly if this type of recruiting is allowed to happen unrestricted, it will create bluebloods at high school level. There has to be some check and balance here.

Beard and Moody transfers to NLR were always suscepicious.

I can tell you how it went down, school that has had a reputation for having questionable move-ins loses player to another school that has benefited from questionable move-ins. The first school raises issues over it. How will it end, like always, in the court system.

I have no idea how this went down but can you imagine being the Sylvan Hills coach? He has the best basketball player in the state and during the summer he leaves to go to NLR.

I’m not saying he’s the one that complained or that he’s right or wrong if he did. But I can see him being pissed.

This kind of stuff has been going on for years. It used to be really bad here in Hot Springs with kids going from Hot Springs High to Lake Hamilton or Lakeside.

It sounds like Smith’s dad got a residence in NLR so Nick could enroll there. If that’s the rules to be eligible then unless someone can prove he was recruited there I don’t see how they can keep him from playing. I would say its going to be very difficult to prove he was recruited.

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I just hope that Nick doesn’t get discouraged enough to decide to go the OTC route.

Is there a date in this fall semester that Link wouldn’t accept a transfer?

NLR’s Strength Coach is Smith’s Personal Strength Coach.

I think that is the source of the recruiting accusation.

That is what I was saying in my post above. There must be some direct evidence,

This has been going on for a long time. It began with private schools like PA and CAC raiding public schools for players. It got to the stage where public schools decided, they need to do the same. I experienced this myself as a Dad.

Been working with that trainer sense 6th grade. Don’t think this will hold up.


Nick Smith Sr. just tweeted that they need two signatures, one from NLR school district and one from Pulaski County district. He didn’t say it, but clear inference is that’s to get Nick eligible to play.

PJ, it didn’t start with private schools. Recruiting has been going on since before PA and CAC ever existed.


its the same issue my granddaughter faced last year…she had played all through middle school and high school at Maumelle but prior to her senior year transferred to Mayflower…it wasn’t for better competition just a change of school but the Athletic Assortation said it was an "unfair advantage"so she did not get to play her senior year,the system punishes students who move for(in most cases…academic reasons,true some are strictly for sports)but the athletic component raises its head

Richard and I have been talking to people involved today.

Still gathering details

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The superintendents. They sign off and Jr is able to play.


That’s what I suspected.