Hearing Moses Moody

will attend Montverde Prep school in Florida.

Good for him I suppose. How does this affect our recruiting him, if any?


Awesome news for the young man. Not so great for Arkansas. I felt we already had a slim chance with him, now it gets even slimmer with him being on a national powerhouse team with all that exposure he’ll be getting. Blue Bloods will be all over him.

The good news for us is the 2020 in-state class is loaded, and we didn’t have many scholarships to work with anyways for that class. Chris Moore absolutely needs to be the #1 target at this point and get him committed asap. Get Doakes and Davis to go along with him and that probably fills that class since we technically will only have 1 scholarship available then anyways.

Maybe. But sometimes it seems like guys go away and realize they miss their friends, their family, things that are familiar and also realize that the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. Especially if Moody was slipping away anyway, maybe this isn’t all that bad - a Hail Mary for sure, but you never know…

Richard whats your take on Moody an dour chances with him? They seem to keep everything quiet.

Conventional wisdom would say this probably isn’t best for Arkansas.

Is was hard to get any kind of read on where we stood even before he decided to move.

As a probable one and done, he might have his sights set on a school that will be in the mix for a tourney run. If he picks the Hogs, he and Gafford, and the other players, might make it happen. I wouldn’t count him out.

He still has two more years so anything can happen, but right now I’m not convinced he’s a one and done. Said the same with Reggie Perry. We’ll see.