Hearing Michael Smith is interested

coming back to the Hill.

He’s a great recruiter. I’ve seen him in action.

Arkansas interested in him? Is he currently employed anywhere?

I think He is at K State now

He was last at KY, resigned last year and isn’t coaching this year.

Thanks. That’s what i thought

Odom recommended Carter. I wonder if Briles gets a “recommendation” or if Sam makes the choice more unilaterally.

UT WR coach is recently unemployed: https://texassports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/andre-coleman/2766

Don’t think it will be him. His previous relationship with Pittman would make you think he might be a possibility. I think someone that’s worked with Briles is more likely.

Kenny Guiton and Briles worked together at Houston.

Guiton brings some familiarity to LA and TX recruiting, which is important. I like his familiarity with Briles, and I like that we’d increase our minority coaching presence. I think that cannot be overlooked these days.

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RD knows what he’s talking about, Guiton is a young go getter. He won’t be the recruiter, initially, as Stepp is now, but is like Joe Carter, moving up.

How about Tom Herman. He started his coaching career as a WR coach. Maybe he’d like to stick it to the Longhorns and take a year or 2 as a WR coach. He could let TX pay him the rest of the millions a year he’s due.

Obviously, being a bit facetious.

He is our new receiver coach. Great hire.

Sam Carter?

I would think there would be a lot of coaches who would enjoy the opportunity to work with Burks and Woods and DW for a year, JC for 3 and the four coming in. And Knox if he can rebound

Who is DW for a year ?

De’Vion Warren.

Yes, De’Vion

Other non-Razorback sites refer to Guiton is a great hire for Arkansas & some even suggest an upgrade. As quickly as Guiton was hired, CSP obviously knew & was ready to make the move. Hopefully he can recruit.

Has Guiton been officially announced to Arkansas?

Not yet.