Hearing Malik

Is gone soon.

Shocking…… :joy:

You can’t blame him. He should have left last year. He should have gotten playing time last Saturday.
The coaches obviously don’t have any confidence in him to perform or he would have played against Liberty. Why were the coaches afraid to play him?


I think we are poor at developing QB2. Liberty won with QB3.


I was seeing some poster saying something, lets say Briles rumors. I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be offered a P5 coaching job.

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I have no idea why he didn’t see the field, we do know they tried to make him a receiver for some reason, but obviously that plan was not to his liking. WPS

You can’t blame the kid, KJ will pretty much have to come back next year I believe. He doesn’t want to sit another year, if he does leave best of luck to him I think he has a tremendous amount of potential and will be a great player if he’s given time to get the game to slow down some for him

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Well KJ was a pretty good QB2 so I’m not sold on not developing # 2 QB’s.

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How many games has Hornsby played in this year. Thanks, WPS

3 I think but might be 2

MSU, Auburn, Texas A&M, South Carolina for sure

Right he came into some games for some jet sweeps

Not surprising at all. We will have one qb next year backed up by a walk on or injured and not ready freshman

Welcome to modern college football. If you’re a QB and you ain’t startin’, you’re departin’. So we get a QB out of the portal. No biggie. Hornsby has had almost three full seasons to force his way into playing time and has not succeeded.

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Exactly. He has had opportunities in practice and in games to demonstrate he has command at QB and execute at a consistent high level. Apparently, that has not happened.
Not all great athletes are competent QB’s? Not all winning QB’s are great athletes. At this level (SEC), it boggles my mind what it takes to be a consistent winning QB. Rare breed for sure.

How good an athlete is Tom Brady?

But why o why does a guy with that speed forsake great training and development in a position well suited for the NFL? All his advisors can readily tell him he won’t advance beyond college as a QB, no matter what school he transfers to, but they can tell him he would best go the receiver route. And let that path begin at Arkansas with good coaching.

Good question. Ego most likely. QB’s are BMOC. Through high school he was the BMOC.

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