Hearing KB

really likes Fayetteville. A bigger Clemson.

We’ll see.


Calling the Hogs!
He obviously sees how much he could help this team & our running game looked pretty good.


Really hoping he had a good time.

He was sitting just down from me. He definitely was feeling the love. He even stood up on a big third down waving his arms for fans to get up to cheer on the DEFENSE!!! It worked. Go Hogs![attachment=0]IMG_1170.JPG[/attachment]

Obviously him coming would be huge.

Others may have more proven lines to play behind, but hoping our offense style and maybe some young talented receivers coming in appeals to his one season.

I think his relationship with CM may be critical here, more so than the receivers he’ll have to throw to or the OL coming back.

He told a South Carolina radio show last week he planned to take other visits but did not have any scheduled yet. It would be nice if he changed those plans, say, tonight.

God that would be great if so.

He as an older player understands what his verbal pledge could do for us in recruiting also. He knows if he pulls the trigger we can probably get in the conversation of better Juco OL prospects. Really hope chad can pull this one out of his bag of tricks

I Love that but pretty sad HE had get the crowd to stand up and cheer.

Hopefully that’s not the last time he gets our fans on their feet.

Hearing a lot of positive things since my first post. His parents are very impressed with Arkansas too.

Like I said the other day, Oregon is another school to watch for but right now I’m liking Arkansas’ chances.

That would def be a game changer.

sounds good to me, get some better talent to throw to and expand this offense He could be a huge spark plug.

Also hear Missouri could be a player.

What are his class requirements wherever he plays?

Is Oregons Justin Herbert suppose to go pro? Kid is a stud with a rocket arm and a JR

Sounds like late November will be a timeline.

Got Oregon from two different sources. We’ll see. When you’re dealing with recruiting, it can change in a heartbeat.

One of the factors KB mentioned in the interview here. What’s the QB situation - and if Oregon & Mizzu losing QB’s to the next level that leaves open spots there.
He knows he would be bumping a starter here, although Storey & another are likely to transfer if he comes here.
I’m sure KB will be welcomed at all of the above.

Yea Oregons probably planning in case, kid is gonna make a nice pro QB for sure

He graduated in May with a history degree and was already working on his masters at Clemson (online classes) in athletic leadership. No, I’m not kidding. We don’t have athletic leadership but we do have recreation and sports management which would seem to be essentially the same thing.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.clemson.edu/education/academ … eadership/”>http://www.clemson.edu/education/academics/masters-specialist-programs/masters-science-athletic-leadership/</LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://catalog.uark.edu/graduatecatalog … gementtext”>http://catalog.uark.edu/graduatecatalog/programsofstudy/recreationandsportmanagementresmmededd/#medinrecreationandsportmanagementtext</LINK_TEXT>