Hearing E'Marion Harris

is looking really good. He came in 370 but sounds like he’s really made some strides.

If you don’t know him, he’s a 4-star OL, who enrolled in Jan.

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I have been excited about him, since he was Elliot Harris’ “little brother”, back when elliot was in 8th grade. I completely assumed that they would both be NFL players, but elliot vanished. I sure hope he’s healthy and happy, he was really grounded and nice as a (huge) 8th grader.

expect E’Marrion Harris to be a stud. early.

thanks for the update!


That is huge news because he had to get some of that off of him. Will be interesting to see if he can make an impact
Has him listed at 362 on the roster

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Expect greatness from this kid after some time with our staff. Good to see he is getting right to work.
His 1st scholarship offer was by Bama as a freshmen.

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