Hearing Desi Sills

could be adding another nice offer fairly soon. It’s not Arkansas, yet.

Desi just posted on Twitter about receiving an offer from SMU. The Mustangs were the school I was referring to.

It appears Desi might add another offer from a Power Five soon.

Wow, He’s really blowing up. Hope this staff goes ahead and extends an offer once they return from Spain.

Desi already has an offer, he’s just been waiting to release that for various reasons. He will be a hog on the 19th.

Desi already has an offer, he’s just been waiting to release that for various reasons. He will be a hog on the 19th.
[/quote]Well, that’s certainly an interesting reply! You must know something :slight_smile:

Straight to the point. I like it!

While we don’t steal a kid’s thunder around here…I have the 19th circle on my calendar for good reason

Do you have any other dates circled?

I hope we have a scholarship left for a four star or a five star stud in this class.

Hopefully, the wait is to announce with two others their commitment to the Hogs.

I would say that’s unlikely.

I don’t worry about the 4/5 Star thing anymore… in the past, we’ve waited on the out of state 4/5 star guy before offering the really good instate guy… and it’s backfired at times. Who’s the last 4/5 star guy from out of state that we’ve gotten? The two we’ve had aren’t even on campus (Whitt and Kapita). I think it IS a good move to go on and offer the instate really good 3* player that you have a lot better shot at getting than putting them on hold and hurting that relationship to go for a bigger name that really has no allegiance to us and you don’t have near as good of a chance to get. I think if we win for a couple years in a row… we can do that, b/c we will have a better chance of convincing the out of state guys to come. But for now… I don’t think we can afford to do that. We won’t win any recruiting polls using this method… but I think it’s best for THIS program in the long run right now. Win a couple years… and we can get back to national/regional recruiting.

I’m more concerned that we are loading up on Guards… and not enough PF/C types… but I think with the long bodies we have, we can get away with falling short of getting enough big men.

Desi is 2018 - when there will be as many as six scholarships

If Desi commits, we will still have at least 4 scholarships left for 2018 based on the fact that Barford, Macon, Cook, Thomas, Thompson and Beard are all juniors right now.

I knew that. But had forgotten that Hill was 2019. I thought by signing all Hawks, we would have one or nine left.

Excited about the surge in Hog bball recruiting! Woo Pig! ghg

Good Point… I forget that our Junior Class is so heavy this year.

I think that they are smart for identifying the instate guys that may not be nationally known as studs but recognize that they can be successful on this level. With Bobby, Dusty coming back, Macon, Trey, Beard, the three from 2017 committing…the shooter from 2018… Hill from 2019 committing… I think that’s the best marketing you can possibly do to entice the up and comers in the state.

Become Nationally relevant for the next couple years… and we can start enticing some of those 4 and 5* out of state guys to come.