Hearing David Mutaf

to Minnesota.

RD do you think Weave is guy no.1 right now

Yes but I think this guy would be up there.

Jon Rothstein (JonRothstein)

Source: Georgetown transfer Mac McClung has cut his list to the following programs. Texas Tech BYU Auburn Memphis USC Arkansas Wake Forest

I think Weaver has been No. 1.

Weaver does look like a possible Arkansas lean based on rumors. Man, if Muss can sign him, he will have a head start to 2021 recruiting. If signed, this guy will be Muss’s second best transfer next to Whitt. Immediate high impact.

Are you not including Jackson and Tate? Many think that Tate was the best defensive guard in the country last year (ie. Jay Bilas). And Jackson is going to be very good. It’s not that I don’t like Weaver, but he still has a lot to prove.

I am looking at Weaver’s Top 50 ranking out of high school, he has P5 experience and his highlights. Tate and Jackson are coming from mid-majors. Just the eye test.

I do think Tate and Jackson are nice gets. Thinking Weaver is nicer. Of course all of that needs to be proven. Remember Mason Jones coming from Juco was better than most. You never know.

You make a good point and you’re right about the fact that we’ll have to wait and see. I just like the length of both Tate and Jackson. Not saying they are superstars, but I think that they fit what Muss likes to do.

Absolutely agree with you on that.