Starkel was taking snaps with the 1st team today.

Shocker. Its a no brainer. That’s the silver lining of last night. QB battle…over.

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After Saturday, you would think so. Get him more accustom to the offense and get timing down with the WR and TE so mistakes are limited for Saturday.

I think we may have lucked into a chance at a bowl game.

Yes, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.

We can only hope.

We will know in a few weeks

Yogi said it’s not over until it’s over, our season did not end Saturday night, I’m not sipping Kool aide yet, but maybe Starkel can make a difference. I’m not going to get down on these kids or Morris unless they just quit trying which I don’t see happening. There’s no doubt our Oline has to improve and our defense will have to continue to improve in all aspects. However at seasons end Morris may have some tough decisions to make concerning coordinators if we don’t see the improvements that should be made during a complete season. WPS

I picked us 4-8 before the season, but expected to see improvement. Until Starkel came in, I really didn’t see it.

I held out hope with a perfect scenario we could make a Bowl game. Obviously, part of that scenario was beating Ole Miss. we didn’t do that, but Starkel gave me hope we would see improvement, but some other things happened this weekend that might help us out. I believe we now be heading into LR against Missouri sitting at 5-6. Looking at Missouri’s schedule, they maybe sitting at 8-3. A win won’t help them, and a loss won’t hurt them. But, playing in LR with a chance to send our SR’s off with a Bowl, might just be enough to give us a Thanksgiving Victory.

Of course we still need a couple more pieces to fall the way I hope they will, but the first two pieces have fallen

I want to see Starkel play a complete game with a win over Colorado st and then I will be seeing a glimmer of light in what’s been a very dark tunnel. I’ve done my best trying to be positive and give Morris support with hope of him being the guy to turn things around. A Thanksgiving win to put us over the top would be great especially over Mizzou, northern Missouri is a tough place to walk around with Hog gear on ! WPS

It’s on Starkel to LEARN the offence quickly! He’s been given the opportunity that he came here for, it’s up to him to run with it!

I have to go to Columbia once a week, you think it’s bad in N Missouri try it at Mizzou

I for one am very excited about Starkel starting and gaining valuable experience in these next two games. With the young and talented receivers we have along with Boyd and O’Grady, we can make some exciting things happen in the last half of the season.

Not giving up on 6 wins – A huge key will be for the offensive line to stay healthy and get better each week…Cannot afford any more injuries on this line.

I’m sure thats right, but Columbia is a nice place. WPS