Heard that

Zach Williams weighed in at 233 today. He was listed at 224 earlier this week on the UA site.

I was pretty confident he wasn’t 224.

Bumper Pool -233

Cam Curl- 204

All muscle, and they’re supposed to be faster also?? Wow!!!

TJ smith at 282 :shock: :shock: :shock: before camp starts!!and starting at DT.

Dorian Gerald- 253

He weighed 280 last season. Being able to go through offseason was huge.

This is my candidate for “guy who makes a major step forward” this fall.

Sosa - 300, a good 300 too.

McClure - 224 is good to see also

Rakeem - 211 and looks in shape

Im old and forgot already, but who is the strength & conditioning coach now?

Not old just older, lol

Trumain Carroll

I know that the Weight Room recieved a major redesign in order to have the space/gear/equipment optimized for Coach Tru’s training program. I would love to see an in depth article/interview with Coach Tru on his approach to rebuilding the team’s (I know that’s been touched on…) football fitness, the changes made to weight room, his Staff, etc. Before and after pics to accompany the article would be amazing.

I know you guys are officially slammed now but this would be great content and is germane to the differences between last season and the changes being made by the Staff to properly rebuild this team.

Always appreciated… Thanks.

Coach Carrol seems to know what it takes.

The failure of the Hogs to hold a lead in the second half under the CBB era was a huge factor in the implosion of our football program. Even highly touted recruits like Denver Kirkland were fat and out of shape. His 40 at the combine was an embarrassment and he was surprisingly weak in the bench press. If a “star” could not perform at a higher level, a typical 3* recruit had no chance in the SEC…

It sounds like this year’s team is stronger, faster and in shape. That is the standard of the SEC and if you want to compete, you must be fast, strong and in shape like rest ot the league.

Hopefully, fall camp will be productive and free from major injuries. If so, we might be a little better than expected. I hope so.