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What happened to the Hogs against UCA? Were we flat? Bad game? Are we not as good as we thought?

Folks, we scored 100 points and win by 25. What do people want?

This is an example of why many don’t favor playing in state competition. Even when we win, we don’t win.


I think UCA might be a good team in its conference. It has made three of four teams it has played uncomfortable, including Memphis. UCA led Memphis 42-40 at halftime, then kind of faded down the stretch like it did in Fayetteville the other night.

Exactly. We did exactly what we were expected to do against an inferior opponent. Won comfortably. But since it was not embarrassingly, we fell short. Imagine the reaction if we’d only won by 2-3 points or had lost.

This ain’t 1972 and they ain’t a buncha NAIA SCAB ears anymore. They dadgum nearly beat UCLA in Pauley a couple of years ago. Coach Anthony Boone was a bit of a Hog killer as a player and I’m sure he had his team ready to play. I’ll gladly take the 25 point win and start getting ready for the next one.

That’s exactly why you can’t (especially the athletes themselves) pay attention to all the naysayers, media etc… The only input they have is a voice to HOPEFULLY alter a games final score. And that voice is only powerful when the powers that be give attention to it.So you don’t pay attention to it! Or, as Bear Bryant told his football players after they’d score a touchdown, " go give the football to the refs and act like you’ve been here before".

UCA played Mississippi State last night and trailed 39-35 at halftime

Mississippi State went on to win 81-65

Two days earlier, Ole Miss beat UCA 68-54

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