Heard ketron wanted to return as was told no

Listening to the radio today and heard ketron wanted to pull out of the portal and return but was told no. Sort of surprises me a bit.

Curious if this is true and for insiders their take on sam’s stance on not letting the kid back on the team.

Wow. Don’t quite know what to think of that. Ketron’s departure was probably the most surprising to me. He was in a position to be our top WR. I’ll never question Sam’s judgement in these matters. It is a strange new world we are living in. It seems that some of these kids are making some snap decisions, when a little pause to see how things might play out would be a better option.

Locker room problem ?

Not surprised at all, probably found out there weren’t that many people interested in him…Portal can be a very scary place because you are a needle in a haystack if you don’t already have something secured when you enter it.

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Can’t answer on Ketron, but Sam has already allowed player back on the team after they entered the portal, Hornsby, and he stated the other day that he will evaluate every request to rejoin the team.

I just wonder if he had information Baylor had been tampering and shut it down due to that. I bet Sam sends the message that tampering is a two-way street, and if he learns of a UA player participating in it while he is using UA facilities and is being coached by UA coaches, he is done. Especially if he goes in the portal.


Wow….kind of surprised on this as well if true considering Hornsby was allowed back. If true, hate it for Ketron but as my parent’s told me when growing up, “you make your bed, you got to sleep in it!”

I would have loved to have him back and out wide for the bowl game but not happening. Have to trust in Sam that something else was at play here.

I imagine Sam had good reasons not let him back. If indeed this report is true.

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I won’t be surprised to see a number of reality checks forthcoming for some

It’s the age old situation of everyone being an all star at their level and having to work harder than they expected when moving to the next level

I can’t speak to Jackson’s situation. I don’t know what happened there.

With Hornsby and St. John last year, they were allowed back because they never missed workouts while they were in the portal — both for less than a week.

This is what Pittman said last week about softening his tone on returning from the transfer portal.

“Once you go in the portal, obviously I’ve said before that you can’t come back,” Pittman said Friday. “You have to change your mind a little bit on that as far as maybe trying to get somebody back, as long as it’s a reason other than, ‘Arkansas is not good enough for me.’

“Obviously nobody wants a coach or player that feels that way. They need to go. But I’ve changed a little bit more. We haven’t brought anybody back lately in the portal, but I’ve changed because a lot of these guys, there’s a lot of different things going on out there.

“A lot of phone calls. A lot of phone calls to coaches. A lot of stuff going in the NCAA that certainly that I would consider not on the up-and-up. So you confuse these kids’ minds by what could happen. Certainly they can catch 1,000 balls, make this kind of money and all that kind of stuff. It’s confusing for a young man. It’s not fair for them. But, yeah, there’s a lot of stuff going on.”

CSP has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on, seems to me we are seeing a more shall we say stern Sam than earlier on. Just what this program needed in my opinion. WPS


K. Jackson was high on some lists to sign with TAM after last weekend. TAM has been recruiting well and it may be that his spot was there until something better came along.

Rice allowed two players in the portal to play in their bowl game, the criteria was set in November and they met the criteria established by the coach and got to play and stay in the portal if the radio sports station got it right. One kid was transferring to his hometown to wrestle, so not a football change. Interesting that the coach made that offer in November and got a couple of takers,

I talked to Jimmy Johnson about rules he set for his team. Are you consistent? He said every case is unique. You should evaluate every situation. Don’t make a rule that ends up punishing the team. You are the king. It’s not a democracy so to speak.


Probably sums it up. Sad, many of us had high hopes.

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