Heard from a source

that all the on field position spots are filled.

So care to guess who all is the staff?

I’ll go with Briles or Appelwhite for OC.

Can someone list those positions. Not who but assignments.

OC and QB
Def Line

That is a pretty significant source! I’ve think Pittman pretty much knew who he wanted as soon as he got the job. You don’t wait until you are hired to think about it and in fact you probably use in the interview to illustrate that you can attract a good staff which is very important. Pittman knows how to play these games very well.

How Sam’s going to allocate his staff is an open question, but he has 10 assistants to spread over 2-3 coordinators and all the position groups.

Here’s how Kirby had the UGa staff Sam just left allocated:
James Coley – OC/QBs
Dan Lanning – DC/OLBs
Scott Fountain – STC,no position
Cortez Hankton – WR, passing game coordinator
Todd Hartley – TEs
Sam Pittman – AHC/OL (replaced by Matt Luke)
Dell McGee – RBs, running game coordinator
Glenn Schumann – co-DC, ILBs
Tray Scott – DL
Charlton Warren – DBs.

You could also have a coach assigned to safeties, a coach assigned to defensive ends (less likely in a 3-4 defense), have the special teams guy also coach a position, etc. So there are permutations. You could also have the OC not coach a position at all, focus solely on game plan, playcalling and strategy, but I haven’t heard of that much.

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DC filled
LB filled
DB filled
DL open ( Lance Thompson my guess )

OC / OB ( Briles my guess )
OL filled
Receivers filled
RB ( Horton I hope )
TE ( Nussmeier my guess )

I would bet that, like UGa, and Odom’s staff at Missouri, we’ll have an OLB and an ILB coach. Odom may well coach one of those groups himself.

Just have gut feeling,it’s Briles for OC.no clue on the others.

I’m sticking w Applewhite for OC…he seems to me to be the match for CSP.

ILB and OLB. Odom’s DC coached ILBs at Misery.

I’m hoping there is a way to get both on staff.

I am hopeing you are right.

Pittman will have to pay attention to diversity on the staff. We will know soon enough.

Brad Davis is African-American. There will be others.

So is Carter.

because that’s more important than just getting the right guys…

It’s important to get the right guys, but it is also as important to have diversity.

Let’s don’t bury our head in the sand and act like that’s not a factor.


Understand that but…which is the most important?

One would think for numerous reasons, the answer is “the right person”. It is not unrealistic to expect hiring the right guy and having a diverse coaching staff can’t both be accomplished.