Heard everyone

in the football program was tested today.

I pray I don’t have to get tested. Looks brutal.

Definitely uncomfortable RD to get a good “sample”. That 4 inches up in the nose is rough. I’ve been swabbed three times due to close exposure per hospital protocol, which is silly bc I’ve been exposed every day since this started! And it hurt…not your typical flu swab deal.

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Hearing good results. Very good.

Our Tom Murphy is reporting that no one on the team test tested positive this week.


Great news!


A couple weeks ago UA declined to disclose testing results. Have they changed their policy?

There will be a lot of upsets if we have college football… teams could lose half their starters testing positive and placed in isolated for two weeks in the middle of the season. Maybe we can stop the SEC losing streak?

Arkansas has not changed its policy. The story states the department did not confirm the numbers.

Yes, but given HY was quoted it’s my guess that the UA wanted this positive news released. Gives them wiggle room to not report negative numbers when they don’t want to.

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