Heard Conner Noland

From a good source that he will just stick with baseball. Wondering if anyone else has any info??

Makes sense. Will never have a spring so he will always be behind in football. Plus he has a good chance of being a high draft pick for baseball in a couple of years

It would not surprise me. He is clearly more advanced as a pitcher than as a quarterback.

I haven’t heard this, but I’ve thought for a while that it’s his better option.

Wow…I agree w everybody :sunglasses:

Interesting…very interesting! Agree his upside is baseball. I know his dream was to play both while here but may be realizing that all his focus needs to be on baseball and pitching.

Good choice by CN, don’t blame him for trying to play both sports when you are that gifted. Probably could have pulled that off if he were playing different positions in each sport & not in the SEC.

I thought it would happen, but a bit surprised at the timing. I thought it would be after not making the starting qb or the back-up after fall camp. Maybe CCM had already indicated that to him.

Connor will be an even better pitcher next year if he can go through off-season baseball weight training and then fall ball. He’ll be able to improve his velocity and his already good accuracy.

Maybe Connor came here figuring the starting or back-up QB might get pick of the cheerleaders, but found it was equally possible that a starting pitcher could get the pick of the RBI girls. :smiley:

I think his future is in baseball at Arkansas and in the pros.

The fact that Ben Hicks, Nick Starkel and KJ Jefferson are now on campus probably plays a factor as well.

As I’ve noted many times before, Connor is going to be draft eligible for baseball (and will likely be drafted and signed) well before he can be a starting quarterback at Arkansas. He’s going to be behind Ben Hicks this year. He’s likely to be behind Nick Starkel next year. Then, that will take him through his third year of baseball at Arkansas, when he’s draft eligible. I would think he’d be drafted and signed as a professional baseball pitcher at that point. It just makes sense that baseball is his best option.

I do think we will hear something about his sooner rather than later.

I was just thinking about this today. Makes complete sense for Connor.

Looks like the QB room is filling quickly.

not a doubt in my mind he could be a very good SEC Qb but he’s going to need to get a lot of 1st team reps and that is not going to happen for the next 2 yrs so yes he probably should consider focusing on BB…

I wish he was a great punter to go along with baseball.

Just out of curiosity, who is footing the bill for CNs time at UofA?

Is he on Football or Baseball scholly?

If he is on football then that’s a giant break for baseball due the
the very limited amount they have to give out. If that’s the case
and he commits totally to baseball will that have to change?

Wouldn’t you think the QB would be the most difficult position to be a two sport athlete?

Could be, but I remember Houston Nutt played football (QB) & basketball back in the ‘70’s. Matt Jones played basketball & football (QB).

This will certainly hasten his development for baseball and would reap a great return for DVH and the staff…

When he is no longer on football scholarship, he will be on a partial baseball one

Partial because baseball has to divide up just 11.7 scholarships, which remains stupid.

By NCAA rule, he has to be on football scholarship if he plays football. Otherwise Alabama would give out swimming scholarships to offensive linemen to get around the 85 limit. Basketball is the same way except if the second sport is football.

Dudley…what is the reasoning for the 11.7 baseball scholarship rule? My son-in-law played at UALR and if anyone thinks it’s not a full time job on top of schoolwork they are mistaken. He was fortunate to get academic money but not enough.

So dumb like the vote to NOT add another coach.

Plain dumb.