Heard a rumor from a reliable source that chavis is retiring

can anyone else confirm this?

Several people have heard this and been talking about it, but no one has confirmed it’s true

I think it needs to happen.

Yeah, he was retired when he took the job and our brilliant administrators funded his retirement account with the ridiculous buy-out.

It changes nothing in my mind in terms of getting rid of this entire staff. It needs to happen yesterday.

If he retires does he still get the “ridiculous” buyout? Anyone know how that works?

Hopefully we won’t have any golden handcuffs like we did with Houston Nutt


If he retires we won’t owe him a buyout

then he wont retire, there arent many people that would leave 1.5 million on the table. He knows there is a strong chance that he gets to retire AND get paid.

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I don’t know the terms of his contract. It’s possible he could stay & the HC fired. That’s not likely, but it’s theoretically possible. If he’s thinking about retiring anyway, he might take a substantial reduction in his buyout rather than simply announce retirement.

Even if he gets fired, there’s no reason we couldn’t require him to perform services for the athletic dept for the duration of his contract. Use him as a very over-paid “analyst” or something. He might not want to do that. He might prefer straight retirement.

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that had not occurred to me. I knew that when fired coachs get other employment the school gets off the hook with regard to their offset compensation. Then why wouldn’t fired coaches be required to stick around and do some menial job in order to get their paycheck, an assistant to someone, in order to get paid, until they got another job, or does that happen?

It doesn’t happen often to my knowledge. That’s why there are buyout clauses. If the coach sticks around he gets full pay. It’s better for everyone if he leaves & takes less money. We had an awful buyout clause with CBB. He was supposed to mitigate damages by taking a comparable job at comparable pay.
Then he took a job that was way below what we guaranteed him. That’s why we have the dispute.

Chavis’s buyout is chicken-feed compared to CBB’s, though. Still, there’s probably some sort of mitigation of damages provision unless the buyout is quite low.

I suspect if he wants to retire & we want to clean house, there’ll be some sort of compromise that makes him some money & doesn’t cost us too much.

Someone told me that Chavis got a $500,000 raise after last season.

Please tell me that is not true.

According to a contract that Chavis signed in January, his salary will increase from $995,000 annually to $1.5 million beginning March 1, 2019.

Chavis will receive another pay raise to $1.6 million on March 1, 2020. He is the first Arkansas assistant in any sport to make more than $1 million per year.

Chavis’ salary this year was subsidized by money owed to him by his former employer, Texas A&M, according to reports. Chavis made $1.608 million in 2017 at Texas A&M, which made him the third-highest paid assistant coach in college football at the time.

I certainly wouldn’t retire and cost myself money.

i think he’s got to go no matter if he is fired or retired. smaller buyout that morris. wonder what the other contracts of our assistants on both sides of the ball are. how many others have multiple year deals we might have to buy out.

If you were contemplating retiring, or knowing that you’d be fired after the season anyway (fired from what’s possibly your last ever job) you wouldn’t retire and save a little face?

No. I would get every dollar I could.

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With the exception of Kenny Ingram, who was hired one year later than the other assistants, and Joe Craddock, because he is a coordinator, I am pretty sure all of the other assistants are only under contract through February 2020.

Outside of Chavis, every assistant buyout appears to have the same language: 50 percent of the salary owed through the end of the contract.

Even if doing so would cost your employer, the individual that stuck his neck out for you and offered you a job, his job? I’ve had some fine people offer me a job in my life and if I wasn’t performing up to my own standards and he asked me to step away to save his job I’d do everything I could to make it easy on him. Not saying I’d dump everything but I wouldn’t take every dollar. I respect my employers. They’ve been good me. You must not have been so lucky. That’s unfortunate. I suspect chavis feels the way I do.

I have had great employers in my life, including Clay Henry.

You seem to assume a lot of things and don’t seem to think much of those that have a different opinion.

I respect your opinions, but do not agree with some of them.

Having spent time around coaches and having a son who is an agent, I believe my opinion on this subject is well researched

But as I have said recently, I am sometimes not the smartest man in a two-man room so I could be wrong