Heard A Good Quote Last Night

From a psychiatrist at a medical meeting covering physician burnout & physician suicide, which is a hot topic in our local area this year. Anyway, the doc was making a point that physicians are trained to be perfect, yet they aren’t perfect nor do they work in a perfect system. His quote: “lower your expectations some to minimize your psychological risk.”

I was a little taken back by this, but then I thought about our Hogs. I think it applies for this year & next.

Interesting to hear your comments from medical perspective. I was at a party last week and there were several of my St. Louis area physicians at the party and I was asking how their practice was going , changes in healthcare, general talk. It was interesting to hear that their respective hospitals were gearing up for more mental health related treatment process–just like they would if talking about knee replacement or heart surgery. It seems they are seeing more stress , whether external or internal generated , and this stress was affecting all aspects of what the problems were and how to treat. They were not sure if what they thought the problem was right or if stress was making it seem that way. So the issues are every where that we see in society and football or college kids would not be excluded in that light.

I think the Hawgs will be fine. Perspective is important and I think back to how the team struggled to get its first SEC under Coach B. We had strong leadership on defense that kept the team focused and accountable. Finally we beat LSU and then went on a little run until the last two years. Winning and losing is both a habit and it takes time to change those habits. People say to change a routine or habit in your life takes 21 straight days before you get reprogramed to the new thing you want. It takes time and hard work be it losing weight and getting in shape or winning football games. Baseball just needs the next days starting pitching, football needs all 25 players working as one. That is one reason I am an admirer of Saban, he focuses on what it takes to maintain the high level. His approach is not for all but it is amazing to see it done with today’s rules and the turnover he see each year. Hawgs will get better too.