Healthy team

Doing research for our baseball preview. Talked to all three coaches. All say team - by all accounts - is healthy as workouts are underway. Coaches aren’t able to work with them now but they can get feedback. Peyton Pallette is doing extremely well. Jalen Battles is terrific.


That is absolutely awesome news!! Cannot wait for baseball to start… I’m a little surprised about Battles… hopefully he can start the season and get off to a great start.

Battles will probably start slow. I do not expect him to be sharp. He has not faced pitching in awhile. But he’s healthy.

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I can imagine he will but still be great to have him in the lineup because he is a battler and was very clutch for us numerous times last year.

Van Horn think he will bat 8 or 9 in this order. He’s a special player at the bottom of an order and speaks to what kind of lineup this will be this season. Power laden and tough.

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Yes I love him at the bottom of the order because he is a tough out… I love his aggressive approach… he’s going up there to hit the ball and has great power when he connects

Why anyone would throw Battles a first-pitch fastball, I have no idea.

He was hitting off speed pitches by the end of the season. He was coming on.


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