Heads Up About Scout

Scout charged my credit card today for a renewal, even though my subscription ran through the end of August. I had not called them yet to cancel because we have been traveling, and I have not had time. I have now cancelled, and I will place the $99.95 charge in dispute with my credit card company. I noted that they charged me the full amount as if I would be receiving a magazine from them.

Just a heads up to anyone who has not already cancelled your subscription.

THANKS for the heads up!..I’ll be on the look out to make sure it doesn’t happen to me either!

How do I cancel scout-- thanks

Go to the old web site and click on the little head-and-shoulders icon in the upper right hand corner. You should be able to find out about your subscription there. I believe that you must cancel via a phone call.

If you want to keep getting the magazine, you need to call the Hawgs Illustrated office at the number listed in the magazine: 800-757-6277.

Just an FYI…this same thing happened to me in July where my subscription ran through the end of the month but my annual subsciption rate was charged to my credit card at the first of July by Scout.

Like you I thought I might have to contest the charge with my CC company but when I called to cancel the young man at Scout did not give me any grief about crediting the amount back on my credit card…and I got the credit in about 3 days (I think the official policy was 3-5 days so in some situations it may take longer). I was thankful to not have to get the CC company involved. The whole thing took about 3 minutes on the phone.

Thank you, I better check and get on it, my subscription expires at the end of August as well. I tried to cancel back in June but was put on hold for ever or told it was past business hours even when it wasn’t eastern time.

I called Scout right after the change to cancel my subscription. However, I kept getting a message that wouldn’t allow me to talk to a human being. I tried 4-5 times. I’d forgotten all about it, but I renewed back in January so it fell off my radar. Thanks for the heads up, Petunia, but calling to cancel hasn’t been a viable option yet. I’m afraid it’ll take going the credit card challenge route.

Call them at 1-888-501-5752. You can get them.

Glad you told me. I am on hold now to cancel.

Tried calling them this morning about 9:30 and got a recording that said I needed to call them back during normal business hours (9:30 CDT was within those hours). Called back just now and got a recording that no agents were available to take my call.

I’m in the exact same position and have my Amex contesting the charge and will block it. There are a couple of things that irk me about their intellectual dishonesty. One is that they use the HawgsIllustrated logo on the auto renewal, which is at best misleading. The other is that when I log onto the site, there is a cancel subscription button. When I hit it, it tells me to call a 1-800 number so when I call, there aren’t any agents available but instructs me that if I’m a prime member, to hold and an agent will be with me shortly. So I hold for 5 minutes listening to their music and finally give up. They make it difficult to cancel the subscription so the credit card dispute seems the best alternative to me.

My credit card has been billed–I called 3x today and on 2 occasions was told to leave e-mail address and phone number and would be called " right back"-- not happened yet-- this was recording that followed the " all agents are busy" recording. Bout to get aggravated!!

You can always remove your credit card from your account and then it can’t auto renew.

I have tried twice, at 9:00 in the morning, and 2:00 in the afternoon. Same story

It should not take that, they should answer.

Our subscription renewed on 1 June, and right after we got Clay’s letter we called Scout to cancel, 1 July. They wouldn’t refund anything, saying they have ‘Arkansas’ content. We disputed the charge without any luck since we didn’t cancel prior to the renewal date - we said we didn’t know Scout wasn’t going to carry Hawgs Illustrated at that time and canceled within 2 days of being notified, They still wouldn’t refund our money!!

Thanks for the reminder. That was the recording I got two months ago. Apparently Scout won’t allow someone to cancel a subscription.

Finally made contact-- no refund coming to me even tho credit card charge 2 days ago-- tried several times yesterday but never able state my case-- I had no idea had to cancel subscription and re- subscribe to current wholehogsports-- seems like should have been forewarned

I called early on and spoke with someone who assured me my subscription was now cancelled. I just visited the site (where I am still logged in) and found this:

Recurring Period: Annual
Anniversary Date: December 14, 2016 at 12:46 pm ET
Subscription Expiration Date: December 14, 2016 at 12:46 pm ET
Auto-renewal: No

  • Update payment information…

To me this seems to say that upon Dec 14, 2016 my subscription will expire and there will be no auto-renewal. When I tried to access my payment information to erase my credit card info, I was unable to access it.

Clay’s right. Call the number and they’ll eventually answer.

I called them first thing this morning. I had to wait on hold for awhile (listening to the absolutely lamest music ever), but when the guy finally came on he was nice. I told him I wanted to cancel, he said Ok, what’s your email address, we’ll send you a cancellation notice. Goodbye. The email was in my in-box within a minute or two.

I was scheduled to be charged again on August 9