This has come up earlier regarding other articles.

I don’t know who writes the headlines for the articles but I HATE the one on Bob Holt’s article. It sounds very negative toward this team and I think they played a hell of a game. I’d like to deliver a KO to that person.

I have said the same thing on numerous occasions. My protest action is to not renew my subscription to the DemGaz. I am done with them.

That is an understatement ! The ADG can pack up and close.

The tragic thing is that some of these writers think what they write is actually awesome. But, it ain’t.

I guess there is a time and place to be critical. Not after a game like the Hogs just played. No one needs them to tell us what went wrong and what could have been different. We already know.

With the way I feel, I want some homerism and ref bashing. As much as I hate to admit, Wally did a good job pointing out the names of the refs so we could hate on them more. I want to pile on those knuckle dragging goons for a couple of more days. Then I’ll be ok.


I agree. Wally is awful and has been for a long time. And he has written and done some indefensible things.

But, he called out one of the worst-officiated games you will ever see. I’ll give him credit for that.